On Tobira the duo of Corey Fuller and Tomoyoshi Date, as Illuha, becomes a trio with the addition of percussionist Tatsuhisa Yamamoto whose textured drumming lead his solo work on Black Truffle as well as collaborations with Jim O’Rourke and Eiko Ishibashi, Keiji Haino, Phew, Oren Ambarchi among others. Illuha’s electro-acoustic environments that teem with beautifully recorded, precise, delicate details get taken to a new place with the presence of Yamamoto’s deep sense of groove and unique approach to the drum kit.

Tobira means “door” or “opening” in Japanese and after years of working as a duo, Fuller and Date were looking for a way into new sonic territories which lead them to explore rhythmic structures, an unchartered territory for the band that also felt, excitingly, like a faux pas in “ambient” music.

Tobira consists of material recorded over 2 inspired sessions and a few successive overdubs. Yamamoto added a new sonic palette and was instrumental in the expanse of Illuha’s musical structure both during live improvisation and in the studio. His drumming style is characterized by a very light touch with microphones close to the drums to capture the quiet textured hits while amplifying them into a present voice. 

Immediately at the album’s onset we hear Yamamoto’s drum kit, signalling, to those familiar with Illuha’s music, that something different is happening here. The percussive voices continue to mingle amongst Fuller and Date’s pool of rhodes, piano, distant synths and metallic murmurations. By the fourth track, “Nijiriguchi” the trio has entered a hazy darkness of pulsing drums, distorted guitar and bass playing that carries the the album into a noir-infused headspace before settling back into angled atmospherics. Illuha pulls this off without losing their sense of melodicism, texture and deliberate, detailed production creating a beautiful combination of the intentional and the exploratory.

On Tobira the listener is given a choice of doors, each one offering a different terrain and the sonics to accompany and navigate the haze of new landscapes.

Album Credits

All music composed by ILLUHA
Tomoyoshi Date, Corey Fuller, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto

Tomoyoshi Date
Synthesizers, Electronics, Piano (on Monkou)
Corey Fuller
Synthesizers, Modular Synthesizer, Electronics, Rhodes, Piano, Bass
Tatsuhisa Yamamoto
Drums, Percussion, Synthesizers, Editing, Processing

Recorded at Studio Crusoe, Narita Familia and The Bunker by Ryuichiro Konno, Makoto Oshiro and ILLUHA
Cover photo by Corey Fuller
Mixed by ILLUHA
Mastered by Taylor Deupree




Tomoyoshi Date and Corey Fuller, both currently residing in Tokyo, met in 2006 through their mutual friend and collaborator, Chihei Hatakeyama when Fuller was invited to play a show with Opitope in Tokyo. Living in separate places at the time (Date in Tokyo, and Fuller in Bellingham, WA) the two began collaborating when Date first visited the pacific northwest in 2008. Recorded in a historic 100+ year old church in Bellingham, WA, Shizuku is the duo’s debut…

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