This is a digital-only reissue of the Stengel CD originally released in 2002 by List Records (FR).

12k is now offering the digital re-release of Sogar’s 2nd CD that originally came out on List Records (FR) in 2002. Stengel has long been out-of-print and we are very happy to be able to offer it in a downloadable format for those who missed out on the physical version of this amazing release.

“Filled with the delicate scintillation of sounds that appear to have been pulled directly from the ether, Jürgen Heckel’s sequel to Basal, his debut album released on Taylor Deupree’s 12k label, manages to weave an evanescent future into the dense circuitry of the past. This is music as fabric, a tissue of tiny threads worked intricately together, kept achingly alive by virtue of the microscopic forces and tensions crossing backwards and forwards through each stitch. Structure is revealed as an endless series of individual pulses and trajectories stuck inside the moment. The first electronic calculators were derived from the automated mechanics of the industrial loom. Listen carefully and you can hear them at work here.” – Ken Hollings – Wire Magazine




Jürgen Heckel, also known as Sogar, was born in Nuremberg in 1970 and has been living in Paris for 13 years. He started playing music when he was 19 and became part of several groups as a guitarist. He then got interested in creating and processing sound in unconventional ways. Thus Jürgen manipulates accidental sounds to create light and fragile melodic textures. The sources of these arrangements are guitars as well as sounds from mixing…

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