Following the completion of his debut LP for 12k, Break (12k2040), Corey Fuller set out to explore ways in which he could faithfully translate the music of the album into a live setting. Not content to simply play on top of layers of backing tracks through use of a laptop, Fuller began the arduous but ultimately rewarding task of deconstructing, reassembling and scoring the album in its entirety. With guidance from Japanese composer Kyo Ichinose, the Break Ensemble was formed with Ichinose himself behind the piano and glockenspiel, Anzu Suhara on violin, Atsuko Hatano on Viola and Hiroki Chiba on Contrabass. These recordings and films document the very first concert of Corey Fuller + Break Ensemble performing “Break” in its entirety at WWW in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan on May 27th, 2019 to a captive and sold-out audience.

Album Credits

Composed, Scored and Arranged by: Corey Fuller
*except: A Hymn for the Broken additional arrangements by Kyo Ichinose

Break Ensemble is:
Corey Fuller: Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Minimoog, Moog One, Nord Wave, Pianet, Modular Synthesizer, Electronics
Kyo Ichinose: Piano, Glockenspiel
Anzu Suhara: Violin
Atsuko Hatano: Viola
Hiroki Chiba: Contrabass

Recorded by: zAk
Mixed by: Corey Fuller
Mastered by: Taylor Deupree

Still photos by Osamu Tsukada

Film Crew:
Cameras: Hayato Muraoka, Sugar Wakabayashi, Mana
Editor: Corey Fuller

Thank you: Lauren, Sam, Koen, Break Ensemble, zAk, Katsunori Fukuoka, Kyoka, Tats, Masami, Ayako Sanjo, everyone who came to the live show, and to you the listener.

© Hozomeen (ascap)


Corey Fuller

Born in the US and raised in rural Japan, Corey Fuller is a musician and multimedia artist currently based in Tokyo. Growing up between several different cultures and traveling extensively as a child have made geography, the sea and a sense of space, within and without, major components of Fuller’s music. His work is a slow and gradual music composed of infinitesimal details comprised of processed and delicately treated instruments, electronics, field recordings, and other…

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