The long-anticipated SF <> NYC collaboration between Tetsu Inoue and Taylor Deupree is complete. A 14 track CD; Active/freeze combines Inoue’s painstakingly detailed DSP abuse with Deupree’s keen ear for repetition and rhythmic loops into a fragment-based composition that is simultaneously jarring, random, intricate and melodic.

Tetsu Inoue: Alternately based out of New York, San Francisco and& Tokyo, composer Tetsu Inoue has been making and releasing experimental electronic music for over a decade. His digital music works, including Waterloo Terminal (Caipirinha, 1999) Fragment Dots (Tzadik, 2000) & Audio (Fax, 2000) aim for the middle ground between engaging and esoteric, squeezing from the complex sonorities of DSP a relaxed playfulness that balances his music’s formalistic disruptions. Tetsu also has releases on Daisyworld, Harvest (EMI), and Rather Interesting.

Taylor Deupree: B0ased in Brooklyn, Taylor runs 12k and has had recent releases on Mille Plateaux’s Ritornell series and Raster Music. His sound design and audio compositions are created using a network of macintosh computers and analog modular synthesizers. With 12k Taylor hopes to bring a new level of art-consciousness to music labels in America.


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