Born in 1978, and raised in Sapporo, Japan, Moskitoo is a sound and graphic designer and vocalist now based in Tokyo. Her debut album, Drape, was released on 12k in 2007. Moskitoo creates her own musical world using everyday instruments and objects like guitars, xylophones, and toys, to produce a style where electronic sounds and the harmonic layer of her unique voice meet.

Thanks to the great success of “Drape”, especially overseas, Moskitoo has toured Japan as well as the world, playing shows in France, Belgium, Switzerland, New York, Boston, Canada and an Australian tour in 2011. She was invited to various events including art festivals such as the Camera Japan Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Send + Receive in Winnipeg, Canada, and a live studio session for Dutch National Radio.

Subsequently, Moskitoo released Drape (Remixes) a CD-EP with remixes by Taylor Deupree (12k), Frank Bretschneider (raster-noton) and Mark Fell (SND), and Si Sol E.P., a 7 inch record in collaboration with Sanae Nishio, Japanese painter who contributed her work for the sleeve art. Other Moskitoo work has ranged from music for the iPhone/iPad app Night on the Galactic Railroad by Kenji Miyazawa: a Music Picture-book to remix work worldwide.

Apart from her own project as Moskitoo, she has participated in three albums by FilFla and works by domestic and international musicians, as well as performing vocals for music used in advertisements.

In September 2013, for the first time in 6 years, Moskitoo releases her new album, Mitosis.

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