Shuttle358 Optimal.LP is the much-anticipated debut release from californian dan abrams, and the first release in a series of artists featured on 12k’s .aiff compilation.

Dan Abrams’ music is a self-replicating ecosystem that grows and unfolds with the movement of sonic particles and binary rhythm. Optimal.LP plays on the juxtaposition of ambient drones and delicate melodies with layers of digital static, lo-fi rumblings, and distressed microscopic sounds. this contrast in elements makes “optimal.lp” a very engaging and sophisticated body of work; tense, jarring, and oddly soothing.


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Dan Abrams

Shuttle358, the moniker of native Californian Dan Abrams, clearly stands as one of 12k’s most revered, and mysterious, artists. Some say his work was responsible for humanizing the microsound movement of the early 2000’s, and rightfully so.  He took the computer-as-instrument and made it beautiful and personal, carving out a unique place for himself among throngs of artists. After 10 years, this fall we will see the release of the new album from Shuttle358. Fans…

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