On january 1st, 2008 I began a project where I would take one polaroid picture every day of 2008. It was a fun, challenging, and sometimes frustrating endeavor, but I now have 365 polaroids portraying the ups and downs and travels of a year in my life. And 2009 is upon us...

The most rewarding aspect of that project was the fact that every day I was forced to look at the world around me and experience each day on a very visual level. Oftentimes, though, I'd pass over what turned out to be a great photographic opportunity in the hope a better one would be around the corner, resulting in a mediocre photo for the day. However, the project was not about the “best” photography but rather simply of a diary of seeing for a year.

As 2008 drew to a close I set my sights to 2009. A picture-a-day was very challenging, do Igive myself a break, freedom from carrying the Polaroid with me every day, freedom from having to constantly be on the lookout? Or, was the forcing of this creative project on me every day a priceless exercise? Never one to rest, I have decided that in 2009, starting on January 1st, of course, I will carry a small digital audio recorder with me every day of the year and record one sound per day.

As a musician I rarely work with “field recordings” although I am familiar with them enough as a sound source and have used them in my compositions from time to time. However, I am always listening and find beauty and serenity in many of the everyday sounds that surround me. This exercise will not only force me to listen more carefully every day, but expand my own sound palette. Like my polaroids, it will not be about capturing a "perfect" sound, but be a simple audio diary of each day. Undoubtedly, there will be many wonderful sounds that I capture, but that is not the primary focus of the project.

I will not set a time limit on each day’s recordings, but rather make each recording as long as it needs to be to capture whatever it is i’ll be recording. The only rule I will set on myself is that all of sounds must be recorded through a microphone, no direct line connections into the recorder. This will assure a certain quality (at times, poor) and character. These recordings will be featured on my blog (12kblog.wordpress.com) and, of course, this web page.

If 2008 was a year of seeing every day, 2009 will be a year of listening. The death of Polaroid's instant film market has made the Polaroid-a-day difficult to continue... My project was timely. Needless to say, as a photographer, I will never stop looking, nor will I rarely be caught without a camera, but to form a year’s worth of living and travelling with an audio diary will be a new way for me to experience each day.

- Taylor Deupree



MAY 30
Katonah, NY, around 5pm

at the Beaver Dam Sanctuary in Katonah. large grassy field.


MAY 29
Pound Ridge, NY, 10pm

an ebow resting on the G-string of my acoustic guitar.


MAY 28
Wilton, CT, early afternoon

geocaching in the Marble Van Haelewyn - Richards Preserve in wilton, connecticut during a light rain shower. the forest sounded (and smelled) pretty amazing. at the end, the raindrops were hitting the microphone, i think.


MAY 27
Pound Ridge, NY, 11:14am

an intentionally dirty recording of a looper pedal (eventide time factor) looping a synth and sounding pretty bad.


MAY 26
Pound Ridge, NY, 10:56pm

some sort of large insect caught between a glass window and a screen.


MAY 25
no sound

MAY 24
Tarrytown, NY, mid-afternoon

inside a stone silo at Stone Barns. it had just started raining outside and the beginning of this recording happened to catch the very first thunderclap outside. distant voices, footsteps, and metal coat hangers provide sounds in the natural reverb of the silo.


MAY 23
Croton on Hudson, NY, around 4pm

a renaissance band playing at a festival. my distance to them combined with the crunching of gravel underfoot makes it sound like an old radio transmission.


MAY 22
Pound Ridge, NY, early afternoon

birds on a loop.


MAY 21
South Salem, NY, late morning

a beautiful, small stream in the woods. shallow water, breaks in the tree canopy. binaural microphones placed in two different areas of the stream for different Left/Right water sound.


MAY 20
Pound Ridge, NY, 1:15pm

manipulating the copper hinges on a wind chime.


MAY 19
NY, NY, around 11pm

another recording in Grand Central Station on the way home from an Iron & Wine in-store performance at Other Music. i never get tired of the ambiance in this space.


MAY 18
Pound Ridge, NY, 5:13pm

getting into the car to pick my son up from his after-school program…


MAY 17
Pound Ridge, NY, approx. 5:34pm

outside of the grocery store… just capturing quiet ambience… and then a grocery cart.


MAY 16
New York, NY, approx. 3:30pm

walking down 42nd street, Times Square. rhythm is a woman asking for change… shaking her cup.


MAY 15
Bedford, NY, around 8pm

the bedford town carnival… i made a few recordings of various game, ride, and children.. but this one, as short as it was, was pretty funny.


MAY 14
Pound Ridge, NY, around noon

scraping an old propane tank. i particularly like the sounds at the very end. they get very physical, in a subtle way.


MAY 13
Pound Ridge, NY, 10:20am

a held chord from a Hartmann Neuron synthesizer during a morning of programming sounds.


MAY 12
Pound Ridge, NY, 10:50pm

the recorder and binaural mics closed into the refrigerator.


MAY 11
San Francisco, CA, 9:52am

Powell St BART station waiting for SFO train to airport. the recording after the announcement at the beginning is incredibly spooky. i love it.


MAY 10
San Francisco, CA, around 3:00pm

a lesson learned not to carry a mobile phone in the same pocket as the digital recorder. phone interference ruined what would have been a nice recording at a playground... hoping the children would have gone back to the mallet instrument though.


San Francisco, CA, sometime between 11pm and midnight

in Sound Arts studio with Christopher Willits. a night of improvising to hard disc to get fodder for our forthcoming collaboration. i was using a Nord Lead 3 and the nice sinewave pad i had created was lost...


somewhere over Nevada, around 5pm, local

on board Delta Airlines to San Francisco. meaningless passenger chatter and engine ambience.



Pound Ridge, NY, 8:15pm

i can't pass up a sound like this... standing in a forest at night during a light rain shower with treefrogs in the distance. doesn't get much (sonically) better than this...


New York, NY, 5:30pm

a busker-quartet warming up to play the passers-by some music @ Union Square. i thought the warm-up sounds were fantastic.


New York, NY, 5:55pm

another pass through Grand Central Station. from the main hall into track 23.


Pound Ridge, NY, 7:52pm

trying to make a really low-quality recording of processed electric piano.


Pound Ridge, NY, 1:49pm

close up recording of some grasses.


Pound Ridge, NY, 8:44am

a warm, foggy, and rainy morning. underneath an umbrella... keeping me dry.