The 2019 $5 CD Sale

June 7, 2019

Thanks to the overwhelming success of last year’s $5 CD sale we’re bringing it back for the month of June.

We know the industry tells us that CDs are no longer valid and streaming rules the waves, but we feel strongly that music is about more than just sound. The CD represents a more complete picture of the artist’s intention than a faceless download. 12k was born on, and will remain committed to the CD and other physical formats.

We have seen that our listening audience still enjoys the tactility of a physical format and a sharply designed package. This sale is a great opportunity to get some of these gems that you may have missed over the years and a few are in short supply before they’re gone forever. Complete your collection or try something new that you were on the fence about.

The prices in our shops reflect the pricing, no coupon code needed.