Sleeping Pills

Sleeping Pills is the debut release from Germany’s Pillowdiver, whose concepts of simplification and minimalism led him to self-imposed limitations for the creation of this work. Utilizing primarily a Fender Jazzmaster, with a small amount of synthesizer and field recording, Pillowdiver took advantage of very lo-fi and modest mediums such as 4-track cassette and various guitar stomp boxes.

Appropriate to its title, Sleeping Pills is a dark and dreamy album of often-melancholic, post-rock influenced ambience. Most tracks rely on a bed of one or two simple loops over which guitar melodies, incidental sounds and harmonies are overlaid, enveloping the listener in a sleepy din of tape distortions and warm noise.

Sometimes about dreaming, sometimes about escaping, Pillowdiver’s focused approach is a unique voice among artists who tread the fine line between experimentalism and indie rock.

René Margraff (b. 1975) lives in Berlin, works for a well-known music software company and plays guitar. He started Pillowdiver in 2008.


    • BOOMKAT (UK)

      "pieces like "Eleven" coarse with warm, noisy timbres and the stately iridescence of steel strings that glimmer outwards from the heart of the mix."

        "It’s an alarmingly pleasant sensation, a lingering, Cocteau Twins texture, slow like the bombs at the end of Apocalypse Now (1979) and a somewhat idyllic realization of what such a dangerous ingestion would provoke."
      Sleeping Pills
      • CAT.NO:12k1054
      • RELEASE:April 14 2009
      • FORMAT:CD
      • EDITION:1000