Murralin Lane

Our House Is On The Wall

Our House Is On The Wall is the debut release from Swedish duo Murralin Lane. While the project is new, Murralin Lane’s David Wenngren is no stranger to the scene. Recording solo as Library Tapes for Kning Disk and Home Normal he has established a loyal following with his piano-based experimentalism where he puts texture, distance and longing to good effect in its melodic, grainy ambiance. Murralin Lane is Wenngren’s latest project which was formed in 2009 when he paired up with partner Ylva Wiklund and set aside the piano to take on new, collaborative audio explorations. Instead of the trademark piano that Wenngren has become known for, Murralin Lane thrives on highly distressed, lo-fi beauty formed by a more process intensive creation. Wiklund supplies vocals, (sometimes recorded through a mobile phone for effect), that are as pretty as they are creepy, adding an otherworldly sense of fragility to the dark and melancholic compositions made of noisy, tonal layers that sound as though they’re on the verge of breaking apart.

Recorded in the wee hours of the morning, Our House Is On The Wall pushes the boundaries that 12k has set with its tactile, electro-acoustic, ambient minimalism, touching on the label’s occasional forays into more pop territory yet bringing something decidedly darker to the table.



    "What comes to mind is the image of a record player and vinyl disc, having been exhumed from an attic where they were buried for a half-century under layers of dust and grime, being played for the first time."
    • BOOMKAT (UK)

      "There's something in the execution of this album that's very fresh."

      "Both fragile and spooky, delicately floating among shifting layers of tonal melancholy."
    Our House Is On The Wall
    • CAT.NO:12k1061
    • RELEASE:September 08 2010
    • EDITION:1000