Doron Sadja

A Piece Of String, A Sunset

Doron Sadja's debut release, A Piece Of String, A Sunset, is a five-movement CD exploring the subtle fluctuations in tone and amplitude created by the combination of sinewaves nearly identical in pitch. Utilizing a 144 note per octave scale, A Piece Of String, A Sunsett is made up of chords containing notes 1/12 a semitone apart, with a heavy emphasis on pitches near the threshold of human audibility. These extreme frequencies are combined with the randomatomization of data/sound files, the sparse pulse of rhythmic static, and the continuously present expressive meandering of a sul pont Violin (played by Amie Weiss) and loops of manipulated guitar (played by John Anderson) forming a highly synthetic yet still organic body of music.

Doron has collaborated with 12k's Motion, during a recent extended stay in London (a portion of which will be released on the 12k/LINE double cd compilation in autumn 2003), as well as Pony (Matt Mehlan, Seve Martinez, andAnthony Lowe), John Anderson, Climax, and dancer Jean Copeland. His liveshows include laptop, homemade electronics, accordion, and/orcassette loop and mixerloop manipulation. Doron is currently studying Technology in Music and Related Arts at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio and is also the co-founder of the electronic music label Shinkoyo.



    "...a promising debut and a sign of potentially great things to come."
        A Piece Of String, A Sunset
        • CAT.NO:12k1023
        • RELEASE:March 04 2003
        • FORMAT:CD
        • EDITION:1000
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