June 10 2006
the new Alva Noto cd "For" that we're releasing on LINE is almost ready to ship… it's a great release, we're looking forward to getting it out there. it's quite different from the super-rhythmic stuff people know carsten nicolai for….
was emailed a nice review today for the Ryuichi Sakamoto remix cd "bricolages" that i was a part of. writer Tom Sekowski goes on to say:
A remix album is not just a remix album if it has a stellar cast that offers radical reworks of original material. "Bricolages" is one such instance where the original pieces are overshadowed by their substantially renewed offspring. What I find most stimulating on the release is a simple fact that all artists work the pieces from scratch and re-envision their creation from the ground up. Originally found on Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Chasm", the pieces go from strength to strength and really show off the eclectic taste their creator has had over the years. Fennesz does a terrific buzz, static-filled take on "20 Msec.", while Steve Jansen's bare-boned interpretation of "Break With" is a real joy to listen to. The real surprise arrives with Taylor Deupree's redoing on "World Citizen". Perhaps it's because I was expecting a radical reworking or because of the man's previous work, I was expecting this mix to sound alien, distant and unrecognizable. Far from it. These are six minutes of some of the most intimate, warm sounds you can get your ears wrapped around on. As David Sylvian wistfully sings his way through the track, you wonder how is it possible the remix album has a better version than the original mix on "Chasm". Go figure! What's more important is the release retains a relaxed, nearly ambient atmosphere about it. Check out the field-recording-like approach that Rob Da Bank & Mr. Dan take on their re-doing of "Word". Mesmerising, haunting and full of a million ideas that gel, Bricolages" is that one shining pearl amongst the pile of swine.


June 08 2006
good morning… i was quite happy today when i checked the iTunes music store and found the new Mojave 3 album, "puzzles like you" (4ad) available already. i read it wasn't supposed to be released until june 19th in the UK… but maybe the MP3s came sooner? well, despite the fact i've been eagerly awaiting the cd of this, i broke down and bought it on iTunes… which will have to tide me over until i can get my hands on the cd.
anyway, one of my very favorite bands… so really happy to have new stuff from them.
on a 12k note: it looks like the cover art for the new Fourcolor cd (12k1038) is about finalized. and, as a matter of face, we'll be unveiling a new digipack design with this release! sort of in celebration of the impending 10 year anniversary. the new digipack design retains many of the same elements as the current design, but opens it up a bit. it's lighter and more airy. looking forward to having everyone see it.


June 06 2006
welcome to the 3rd new 12k blog. the 2 i created yesterday never saw the light of day as i was experimenting with different blog software and hosts. i then received a kind email from Shane Shirley (view his ambient/minimalim music blog/podcast at: who pointed me in the direction of this site, WordPress. it seems, so far, to offer what i'm looking for in a blog site: clean, uncluttered layout and ease of use. i hope this one will see the light of day and will make it easier for me to keep the blog up-to-date whether i am home or on the road.
i'm still experimenting with the site's features. hopefully i will figure out how to get images in and other details like that. wish me luck… and, thanks, Shane!


June 02 2006
ok.. first of all, there's got to be an easier way to program blogs so i don't have to keep toying with the Month links above …… i need a more automated system…
if anyone knows of any decent blog software, please email me. i've been experimenting with Apple's iWeb software and the blogging features. it has what i want, except the look of it, especially the "archive" pages is very clunky.. very large type. i need something simple and sleek. iWeb is almosT there, if i could only change the size of type on the ARCHIVE pages and in a few other spots.
with that out of the way… i have a book recommendation: "J-POD" by Douglas Coupland. absolutely original, brilliant, funny, geeky, and bizarre. go buy it now.


May 19 2006
boy these blog entries get away from me… sorry.. wish i could be making them more regularly…
let's see… well, the SKoltz_Kolgen postpiano remix cd is released… it's really great stuff. ken and i are quite honored that dominique and herman spent such time making the cd…. and, don't forget to download the term. release of the post piano open remix project… amazing stuff in there.
we've got 2 great cds coming on LINE next month… the much anticipated Alva Noto cd "For"…. and mine and richard's cd for Hiroshi Sugimoto's "seascapes" photography.. titled, as richard and i have continuously titled our works.. "specification.fifteen". Both of these cds should be ready to ship next month. it's actually my first ever work on the Line label.. after al these years…
one more piece of pretty exciting news. some of you may know of Savvas Ysatis.. and artist i did an enormous amount of work with in the early/mid 90s. well, after 7 or 8 years… savvas and i are getting back together and making a new cd. he'll be here at the studio for 10 days next month… we have some plans of what we'll be doing, but who knows what will really come out. after all of these years of growth and influences and not working together it's going to be really unique and special.


May 02 2006
so.. "northern" has been available for a couple weeks now.. or, a week+.. and i can hardly keep up with the orders. thank you to everyone who has been ordering, and hopefully enjoying it. we've nearly sold out of the first 1000 copies already. wow. also, a couple of really great reviews have popped up which i will be posting soon.
i have also decided to put the "northern" postcard set in the online shop. a few people have emailed us who bought the cds in stores in their area but also want the postcards.
today i received the new Fourcolor master from keiichi sugimoto. this will be the next 12k release and slated for june. we don't have a title yet, but it's a great sounding cd so far (i'm listening to it now for the first time). Naoko Sasaki (Piana) does vocals on one track… more info on this release as i get it!
and now, for something completely different… some of you old-time fans may be interested to know that i'm getting back together with dietrich schoenemann and jason szostek for a couple of Prototype909 reuinion concerts. we thought it would be great fun to break out the analog equipment and jam in a loud sound system. will be cleansing, for sure. we have 2 shows coming up: may 27th in detroit as part of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and then june 8th in Philadelphia.


April 23 2006
just a quick note after a quiet weekend… the orders for "Northern" have been a bit overwhelming (which is a good thing!)… however that in conjunction with the fact i'll be leaving town next weekend means that it will be hard to get all orders out right away… so please bear with me as i try to manage the large number of orders that have come in… and i thank you for your patience….


April 21 2006
"Northern" cds were just delivered. a LOT of pre-orders to ship out… but shipping will start right away. thank you for your patience! hope you like it…


April 18 2006
ok, "Northern" comes in this week and we'll start shipping next week. i've changed the status in the web shop to "pre-order"… so, order now, and they'll be shipping soon.
all orders of "Northern" will come with the 6-card postcard set. this offer will be good until we run out of postcards. quantities are limited.


April 12 2006
… "NORTHERN"… awaiting the corrected copies from the manufacturer.. still a week+ away. i did, however, complete the 6-card postcard set for "Northern." i haven't determined yet how i'm going to release the postcard set. i'm fairly certain that all web orders of the cd will come with a set. i'm just weighing wether or not i will at some point sell the set in the online shop. it wasn't cheap to produce, so making some money back would help. i also haven't figured out how sets i will release. it may be a limited edition of 200 with extra cards given away independant of the set at random live performances (collect them all! haha).
i've started work on the mixing of mine and richard's "specification.fifteen" cd for LINE next month. this is a multi-track recording taken from the Sugimoto Hirshhorn show last month. i'll be mixing it in my studio with the goal of making it sound "the same, but better." it will be released as LINE_027 in may or june, and, in fact, will be the very first LINE cd that i appear on!
i'm also in the planning stages of a pretty cool live release of my own… i've got a lot of recordings from live shows over the years and would like to get them released as they are all different and contain fragments and reworkings of all of my releases. this release will be part of the loose 12k 10-year anniversary series of special projects… for those of you who aren't aware, january 1st, 2007 marks 10 years of 12k.
let's see.. what else? excited for some software releases.. Digital Performer 5 will be at my door any day now (i hope)… pretty excited about that, some incredibly useful new features (meter bridge)… and i'm eagerly awaiting the release of the SSL Duende DSP/plug ins and the Focusrite Liquid Mix… looks like these will be hotly debated and compared on the gear boards… the idea of having direct ports from the SSL C200 console in my studio is pretty cool.
oh, and have really been enjoying the Doublends "Vert" cd on LINE lately… impressive project.