April 12 2006
… "NORTHERN"… awaiting the corrected copies from the manufacturer.. still a week+ away. i did, however, complete the 6-card postcard set for "Northern." i haven't determined yet how i'm going to release the postcard set. i'm fairly certain that all web orders of the cd will come with a set. i'm just weighing wether or not i will at some point sell the set in the online shop. it wasn't cheap to produce, so making some money back would help. i also haven't figured out how sets i will release. it may be a limited edition of 200 with extra cards given away independant of the set at random live performances (collect them all! haha).
i've started work on the mixing of mine and richard's "specification.fifteen" cd for LINE next month. this is a multi-track recording taken from the Sugimoto Hirshhorn show last month. i'll be mixing it in my studio with the goal of making it sound "the same, but better." it will be released as LINE_027 in may or june, and, in fact, will be the very first LINE cd that i appear on!
i'm also in the planning stages of a pretty cool live release of my own… i've got a lot of recordings from live shows over the years and would like to get them released as they are all different and contain fragments and reworkings of all of my releases. this release will be part of the loose 12k 10-year anniversary series of special projects… for those of you who aren't aware, january 1st, 2007 marks 10 years of 12k.
let's see.. what else? excited for some software releases.. Digital Performer 5 will be at my door any day now (i hope)… pretty excited about that, some incredibly useful new features (meter bridge)… and i'm eagerly awaiting the release of the SSL Duende DSP/plug ins and the Focusrite Liquid Mix… looks like these will be hotly debated and compared on the gear boards… the idea of having direct ports from the SSL C200 console in my studio is pretty cool.
oh, and have really been enjoying the Doublends "Vert" cd on LINE lately… impressive project.


April 06 2006
good news followed by bad. today, … my "Northern" cds showed up at the door! very excited! only to find out that the cd label art was printed incorrectly and the manufacturing plant is redoing all of them. so, release is going to be pushed back a couple of weeks.
this is following a late morning photo shoot of myself for press shots, back in the woods behind our house. the tripod and my camera fell backwards and fell down a rocky cliff. doesn't work anymore…


April 05 2006
the studio is done! here are some before + after pictures:



April 04 2006
the studio is almost finished being wired.. it's NICE to have it back again. 24 hours and i'll be done…
my new cd "northern" comes in this week. i still need to put a preview MP3 online for you to check out, i'll try to get that up by tomorrow. ordering will probably begin next week.
tetsuro yasunaga (minamo) and i have decided to do a collaboration project together. frequent visits to japan, and staying at his house, have really been wonderful and his music is amazing. i'm really looking forward to working with him. today we sort of finalized our direction/process after a few weeks discussing it. once the studio is up and running i'm going to start creating some preliminary compositions to send to tetsuro. we're not sure when we will complete the project or what label it will come out on… too early to tell.


April 01 2006
Hirshhorn/Sugimoto/Chartier+Deupree report coming tomorrow. in the meantime an extra special blog entry for my good friend sue. hi :)


March 29 2006
getting ready to head down to washington dc tonight for tomorrow's show at the Hirshhorn Museum with Richard Chartier for the Hiroshi Sugimoto exhibition. it's a great honor to have been comissioned by the Hirshhorn to perform as Sugimoto is a huge influence of mine (he was responsible not only for inspiring my "Stil." album but a huge inspiration towards the whole concept of stillness and frozen time in my music).
Richard and i will be recording and editing our performance for release on LINE in a couple of months. the title will be "specification.fifteen."
studio renovation update: the room is done, the furniture and shelves are all in and the room is clean. when i'm back from DC i'll start moving back in again. it took another week longer than i thought but i really hope that by the end of this coming weekend it's done. done.
i'll report after the Hirshhorn. oh, and today is Richard's birthday. wish him a happy one.


March 17 2006
studio renovations are on their final stages now. the contracts have finished their work (new walls, new carpet).. and now it's up to me: painting, acoustic treatment, then set up the furniture. today's a big blitz. trying to have a completed studio by tonight…. we'll see.
listening to SND while i work. reaffirming they're one of my favorite artists of the last decade.


March 05 2006
my remix for Ryuichi Sakamoto has been completed and submitted. It's a huge honor to be a park of Sakamoto's upcoming remix cd called "Bricolage." it's a collection of remixes from his latest cd "Chasm"… and the track i remixed is called "World Citizen" and features David Sylvian on vocals, which is another huge honor for me as i'm a long-time Sylvian and Japan fan. i'm really happy with the way the remix came out. it gave me a chance to utilize some of the techniques i learned from doing the "Every Still Day" cd with Eisi. i believe "Bricolage" will be released this spring on sakamoto's KAB label.


March 03 2006
it's been a while since the last entry. a combination of a quiet week for 12k and a busy week personally. today, however, a couple of exciting things happened. the "Stil." reissue is now shipping. i was awaiting the plastic sleeves to put them in, which arrived today.
secondly, i finished the master and artwork for "northern" and it will begin production on monday. should see release in mid-april.
just in time, really, because on monday the studio walls are coming down as the repair work from the flood damage is FINALLY getting underway. i'm tired of living in a mess. hope it's all over soon.
discovered a new band today, also.. called SHOULD. some shoegazer sort of stuff. distorted, yet dreamy. nice.


February 24 2006
the reissue of "Stil." arrived… so it's almost ready to ship, however we're out of the plastic sleeves for the covers so i've ordered more. I need to hand-number the 500 copies then it'll go up in the online shop.
also, was point to this today, a nice compliment from a very respected artist:
Ryuichi Sakamoto, from CMJ Magazine
TAYLOR DEUPREE + KENNETH KIRSCHNER, Post_Piano 2: "In these days I listen to Taylor and his label, 12k, a lot. Taylor's what I would call a 'lyrical' electronica artist."
yesterday was a day full of editing and mastering on "Northern"… and i may be finished. Richard helped me choose one of the many cover designs i had done, the cd may go into production next week.