February 24 2006
the reissue of "Stil." arrived… so it's almost ready to ship, however we're out of the plastic sleeves for the covers so i've ordered more. I need to hand-number the 500 copies then it'll go up in the online shop.
also, was point to this today, a nice compliment from a very respected artist:
Ryuichi Sakamoto, from CMJ Magazine
TAYLOR DEUPREE + KENNETH KIRSCHNER, Post_Piano 2: "In these days I listen to Taylor and his label, 12k, a lot. Taylor's what I would call a 'lyrical' electronica artist."
yesterday was a day full of editing and mastering on "Northern"… and i may be finished. Richard helped me choose one of the many cover designs i had done, the cd may go into production next week.


February 21 2006
a few bits of news after spending a few days recovering from the flu.: we're sad to announce that the OFFF Mexico festival, scheduled to take place on the first weekend of March in Mexico City has been cancelled. a few 12k artists were scheduled to play there. myself with kenneth kirschner (post_piano live) as well as richard chartier. there was also a fantastic lineup of artists over the whole weekend. Mexico City is a wonderful place and i'm disapointed i won't be headed back there in a couple of weeks. on a more positive note, this week we're expecting the shipment of Taylor Deupree "Stil." reissue cd. once we get it, it will go up in the shop and be ready to order.
lastly, it seems like it'll never be done because i keep going back and making tiny little edits, but i'm really a few days away from finishing "Northern"… so i should be on for an April release.
if you get a chance, listen to Cyne's "octagon"… great track.


February 16 2006
recommended reading: Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence
recommended listening: Iron & Wine


February 14 2006
on sunday the 12th 12k hosted an event at Tonic in NYC. the concert was a release party of sorts for Sawako's "Hum" cd (12k1035) with a live performance lineup that included Strategy, myself + kenneth kirschner, and sawako (with video artist Chika). the night took an interesting turn when that morning mother nature finished dumping 20+ inches of snow on New York. i, myself, barely made it to the show. living an hour outside of the city now i had to drive through unplowed roads and catch a very strained train system and the normal 2-hour trip ended up taking 5 hours. we expected maybe 5 people to brave the weather and come see the show but were happily surprised by around 30. thank you to everyone for making the trip. Strategy started the night with a set of improvised semi-ambient/semi-beat music with a lot of live playing of really interesting synth textures. i've never heard his music before tonight and really enjoyed it. very varied. ken and i performed next with our post_piano material which basically consists of kenneth on a grand piano with 4 microphones coming out of it, 2 of which feed my powerbook for realtime processing. when we do this it's always improvised and all sounds are generated in realtime only sourced from kenneth's playing. it went well, no technical glitches (as we had in Madrid last year). after that sawako and chika took the stage but i unfortunately only caught 5 minutes of the set as i had to run back to the still-strained train system and try to make my way home. the 5 minutes i heard from sawako were beautiful and gentle, i'm sorry i missed it. i also was pleased to meet musicians Billy Gomberg (again) and Andy Graydon, both of whom did remixes for the Post_Piano Open Remix Project. a hectic, wet, and stormy night, but all well worth it.

BLOG 000

February 13 2006
yesterday i made my decision to finally start a semi-regular 12k blog.