September 23 2006
well.. seattle's decibel festival was last weekend.. and, i must say, it was REALLY a great festival. i've not known much about it for it's past couple of years getting started, but apparently it was much bigger this year than other years.. and i compliment the organizers and workers for pulling of a fantastic weekend… it was well organized, in great locations, the sound was great… everything really pro.
however, i must apologize to all of those who heard my set for a dreadful performance immediately flawed by technical difficulties. the problem boiled down to having a 10 minute soundcheck (ok, there's my one complaint with the organization) to remap my entire performance to their surround system. of course, it's partially my fault for not doing this in advance, but i really thought i'd have more time to do it IN THE SPACE.. which is very important in surround situations.
anyway, i thought it was all set to go.. but as soon as i started i realized that the sound mapping was very bizarre… almost everything coming out of only the left half of the room. additionally, (and this was totally my fault) some major effects i had on my master channels of my software were NOT functional.. and threw me off right from the get-go.
the result of all this was that i was so distraught and frustrated with the technical issues that my performance REALLY suffered and was lackluster at best. to top it off, i was creating 80% of everything heard live on the fly with a single softsynth and a microphone and some small instruments so the concentration needed to pull this off was shot.
i wouldn't say it was a complete disaster, but it was close.. there were some nice moments, but i could tell the audience wasn't too happy, and perhaps knew something was up.
it's a shame, too.. because that set following 3 really lovely sets by yann novak, son of rose, and richard chartier. i must say, son of rose was the highlight for me. there were some "rough" moments, in the beginning (i thought) but that was merely because of how LIVE it was, and in the end didn't matter, because the pure sound and really detailed work of Kamran was quite beautiful.
a bit of a whirlwind weekend, not enough food, and performance letdown… but, that's all part of it… i had a good time, anyway.
i am, however, rescuing the last 60 seconds of that performance and turning it into a 20 minute cd…! so something good will come out of it…
more on that later…


September 14 2006
rain today. preparing for the gig at Decibel Festival ( this coming saturday. laying out stuff on the studio floor.. it's probably how i'll play on sat… sitting on the floor.
took a walk in the woods today, reminds me of why we moved to the country. stunning in the rain.
if you're in seattle this weekend, stop by and say hello….
pictures of the days events below:
song of the day: "memorial" – Explosions in the Sky
thursday in the studio
thursday in the woods


September 08 2006
as some people have found out (a few orders this morning already)… i have updated the 12k webpage and online shop to indicate that the new FOURCOLOR and STEINBRUCHEL cds are available and shipping…. so i'm making the official announcement here, and will send out a newsletter announcement shortly (too lazy/tired right now).
the releases won't be available at retailers for a couple weeks +..


September 01 2006
the last few weeks have been both busy and slow. on vacation now, and it's been so long since the last post i had to write something. summer is coming to an end. next week should see the availability of the new 12k and LINE cds: FOURCOLOR and STEINBRÜCHEL, respectively. more news and more action then. for now, back to star-gazing in northern california.


August 10 2006
today's airline bomb scare makes me happy i live outside of the city. these things are always a bit more intense when you're in the middle of new york city.
there's a calmness here in the country, the cicadas making their deafening din in the trees don't really care who blows up who. i feel sorry for richard chartier, who today has to fly to LA for an installation and gig, right smack in the middle of this chaos. it's stressful and it really makes the joy of art turn into fear. for those of you in the San Jose area, go out and support the Bleeding Edge festival and all of the artists who had to travel in the middle of this insanity. it's this weekend at the Montalvo Arts Center.
i wanted to thank Cameron Webb and Seaworthy for the incredible album that i'm having the joy of mastering this morning for their upcoming 12k release. we're adding a couple of extra tracks to "maps in hand" and their music is absolute bliss on a day like today.


August 09 2006
just a quick post to say we're back. the site is back up, email is back up… and orders will be shipping tomorrow and thursday.
so sorry for the downtime.


August 08 2006
2 days have gone by with 12k being down. i've gotten no response from my ISP in 18 hours. it's quite a ridiculous situation now and i'm really pissed off.
apologies to those who are trying to contact us or order cds.


August 06 2006
the 12k website was brought down again this weekend by hackers and the entire site and account was suspended. this is really getting annoying.. and i'm quite pissed off.
i apologize to everyone who has been unable to get into our site or use the online shop.
i'm trying to fix this problem as quickly as i can….


August 03 2006
in october we'll be releasing 2 12k cds.. one is a full-length from australian guitar-duo SEAWORTHY (more details on that soon), the other is a compilation called BLUEPRINTS.
Blueprints features 6 artists who have not previously released material on 12k (except for jodi cave's term. mp3 download). the basic concept for the compilation was to gather artists only from demo submissions and from those who have never been on a 12k cd. the idea initially was to find new artists who haven't really released anything anywhere, but as it turns out, some of these artists have (eg: Christmas Decorations on Kranky, Leo Abrahams on Bip Hop). regardless, the main concept still stuck and the result is a really nice, varied compilation release introducing some new faces on 12k. the following artists have 2 tracks each on the compilation and it will be out in october:
london-based guitarist who has collaborated with artists such as brian eno, paul simon and ed harcourt.
a trio from australia using mostly acoustic instruments and recording to 4-track cassette. warm, nearly indie-sounding mellow pop.
duo from brooklyn. noisey, melodic, organic, distorted…
from norway. deep, sometimes dark, spacious sounds.
from the UK, autistici is a true microsound artist with precise and delicate tones.
also from the UK, warm and fractured melodic scapes.
- – - – - – - -
BLUEPRINTS (12k1039) will be released simultaneously with Seaworthy's "map in hand" (12k1040) full-length. both will be available in october.


August 01 2006
found out today from a few people that someone had broken into the 12k web site and created a fake page with some sort of bogus IRS scam on it. kind of scarey… as once i found the directory on our web server i couldn't even delete it. they had locked me out of my own server. fortunately, a call to the ISP was all it took to get the files deleted and passwords changed.
apologies to anyone who may have been affected, or seen it, i hope it was an isolated incident.