August 06 2006
the 12k website was brought down again this weekend by hackers and the entire site and account was suspended. this is really getting annoying.. and i'm quite pissed off.
i apologize to everyone who has been unable to get into our site or use the online shop.
i'm trying to fix this problem as quickly as i can….


August 03 2006
in october we'll be releasing 2 12k cds.. one is a full-length from australian guitar-duo SEAWORTHY (more details on that soon), the other is a compilation called BLUEPRINTS.
Blueprints features 6 artists who have not previously released material on 12k (except for jodi cave's term. mp3 download). the basic concept for the compilation was to gather artists only from demo submissions and from those who have never been on a 12k cd. the idea initially was to find new artists who haven't really released anything anywhere, but as it turns out, some of these artists have (eg: Christmas Decorations on Kranky, Leo Abrahams on Bip Hop). regardless, the main concept still stuck and the result is a really nice, varied compilation release introducing some new faces on 12k. the following artists have 2 tracks each on the compilation and it will be out in october:
london-based guitarist who has collaborated with artists such as brian eno, paul simon and ed harcourt.
a trio from australia using mostly acoustic instruments and recording to 4-track cassette. warm, nearly indie-sounding mellow pop.
duo from brooklyn. noisey, melodic, organic, distorted…
from norway. deep, sometimes dark, spacious sounds.
from the UK, autistici is a true microsound artist with precise and delicate tones.
also from the UK, warm and fractured melodic scapes.
- – - – - – - -
BLUEPRINTS (12k1039) will be released simultaneously with Seaworthy's "map in hand" (12k1040) full-length. both will be available in october.


August 01 2006
found out today from a few people that someone had broken into the 12k web site and created a fake page with some sort of bogus IRS scam on it. kind of scarey… as once i found the directory on our web server i couldn't even delete it. they had locked me out of my own server. fortunately, a call to the ISP was all it took to get the files deleted and passwords changed.
apologies to anyone who may have been affected, or seen it, i hope it was an isolated incident.


July 28 2006
clock dva: sound mirror
(details of the new 12k compilation, titled, BLUEPRINTS, coming soon)


July 27 2006
the website Loop.CL published an interview with Kenneth Kirschner last month and i'm finally getting around to posting it in 12k's Press archive. it's there now, and you can also see it in its original form at the loop.cl website here:


July 27 2006
Rafael Toral "Optical Flow" from Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance (Touch: 48)


July 25 2006
received email today from the organizers of the Input Festival in Lleida, Spain that the festival has been cancelled due to a withdrawal of government funding… that really sucks.. it was going to be a great event with a really excellent lineup…
these things happen….!


July 20 2006
well, it's been a few days… just been really busy working and sorting out 2 new upcoming 12k releases.
one is a compilation called BLUEPRINTS which will feature 6 artists that have never worked with 12k before. some of the artists have releases on other labels, and others are quite new. all artists were contacted from demo submissions.
the other cd is from a band from Australia that is featured on the Blueprints comp. quite astonishing guitar stuff… nearly indie-rock in their approach.. certainly in their influences…
i'm not going to mention any names right now, just want to finalize everything first.
these 2 cds will be out at the same time, in october, following the new Fourcolor release.
oh, and that SSL Duende… totally messed up my system… i was working until 2am that day getting things back to normal…. sadly, i'll be sending it back without ever having been able to pass a signal through it!
apparently it's not compatible with Digital Performer or Peak.. which doesn't bode well for many users.
now playing: interpol.


July 14 2006
i'm being teased… really, i am.
the music retailer i buy most of my studio equipment from lately offered to send me SSL's new Duende firewire DSP processor… just to try out, he wants my opinion. totally free, no strings attached… use it for a few weeks and send it back.
yeah right. you know how hard that's going to be?
well.. we'll see. i've got to give it an honest workout. how does it affect the sound of the music that *i* do. which is one of the most mis-understood concepts in studio gear. all of this talk of SSL-this, and analog-that… well, people who review this stuff and use it in big studios are making a very different kind of music than i make. reading reviews and user reports on Gearslutz(.com) is one thing, but one can never tell if a piece of equipment is right for what *they* do unless they try it out on *their* music.
well, here goes… god i hope it's horrible.. it'll save me $1500. ;)


July 13 2006
very happy this morning to receive a really nice and well-written review of "Northern" in a French magazine called Ocotpus. i'm posting the english translation here… there's been a few reviews coming in this week, they're all in the press section on the website…
They are not least paradoxes than to have listened to for the first time this disc under a heat festival sky. Northern, as its name indicates it, evokes north. But a cottony and luminescent north rather than rough and swept by the winds. A north, finally, with the image of its originator, Taylor Deupree, which returns here for the first time since January, published at Spekk in 2004, with a work of production as a recluse. Isolated in his new place from life in the medium of wood, the American musician operates a fold on oneself sincere which gives to its music a rêveuse crystalline flesh, a new consistency which sticks to usual, minimal and granular lines musical. Thus, the depth appears here by the sensitive one than by the sensory one, as on a "Haze it may Be" which subtly appears narrative, cast in a tablecloth of light and floating noises. In this alleviating sphere, the instrumental sources, the guitar, the mélodica and especially the electric piano seem to dissolve naturally in contact with the field recordings, except on the ultimate piece, "November", which joins again with some sounder frangible joints. With this disc, Taylor Deupree could bewitch your summer well. After that, it would not miss any more but it snows in July.