December 23 2006
sorry for the lengthy delay in posting. must be the christmas season. shopping, working, and, fortunately.. writing music and getting new stuff ready for release.
looks like it will be early february… but, the next 12k release is MOSKITOO "DRAPE"… at the new year i'll make a big announcement and release some info on Moskitoo. i just want to wait for the new year….
there will be a "cd single" for moskitoo released mostly as a promotional item, but some will be for sale. it features remixes from myself, frank bretschneider, and mark fell. should be ready for february as well.
following Moskitoo we'll see a full length release from Jodi Cave (featured on BLUEPRINTS)… it's turning out to be an amazing release. jodi's music, to me, is sort of "definitive 12k".. he fits right in and does what he does SO well.
in the next days it's christmas and i work to finish my own Moskitoo remix… just a week away from 12k's official 10-year anniversary.
oh, and a great new release you should all check out:
and some amazing software that i finally gave time to and ended up purchasing: Way Out Ware's ARP2600 soft synth… timeWarp 2600. the most analog sounding and behaving software i've ever heard. i always wanted an Arp2600.. apparently this is frighteningly close to the real thing. i love it…


December 08 2006
this january marks 12k's 10-year anniversary and the first releases of the year are going to mark both a continuation of 12k's signature sound as well as something a bit new. the first 2 releases are going to be cds by Moskitoo and Jodi Cave (featured on Blueprints).
Moskitoo is Sanae Yamasaki from Sapporo, Japan. her music falls halfway between the sound of Happy and 12k… in a lengthy decision, i have decided to release it on 12k which opens up a lot of new possibilities for the label. Moskitoo's music is at times quirky, experimental, and pop. vocals, beats.. and opens up new avenues for the continous evolution of 12k.
in addition to the cd (titled "Drape") we will be releasing a limited edition cd-single with 3 remixes of songs from the album. remixers so far include myself, frank bretschneider, and one other (still confirming).
the other new release for the start of the year is from the UK's Jodi Cave. Jodi is featured on the Blueprints compilation and does, what i consider, the signature "12k sound" with absolute perfection and stunning detail. his cd (as yet untitled) is so expertly crafted with acoustic instruments and electronics.
these 2 new releases define 12k after 10 years… a continued passion for minimalist, digital music and a dedication to constantly shift the sound and explore new territories.


November 23 2006
friend and artist, Trico! who performed with us at the Ryoudenji Temple in tokyo last month has posted a set of images from the day. some cool images. most of them are of Trico! playing (i believe the photographer came with her for this purpose)..
i need to get my photos up as well…


November 17 2006
early next year i'll be making available the images from the "Northern" postcard set as photographs printed with archival pigment inks on high quality art paper.
exact sizes and specs and price will be announced closer to release date, but each image will be printed in signed editions of 12 and available individually or as a set of 6.


November 17 2006
japan tour recap: kyoto: october 28, saturday.
having spent the only free day of our tour in hiroshima the day before we awoke and sped back to kyoto on the shinkansen. on the train i set up effects and processes for that night's kyoto show as it was to be the debut live performance of my duo with tetsuro yasunaga. we had practiced a couple of days before in his tokyo flat but i had some refining of my live processes to do.
it was great to arrive in kyoto but sadly did not have time to visit my favorite parts of the city or see any temples as we did last year. this time it was straight from kyoto station to the gig, which was in a fabuous building full of design shops and galleries. we performed in a sparse white room, called Shin-bi. myself and tetsuro, richard, sora, and my good friend Ken'ichi Itoi with his Attic Plan duo (more ambient than his solo material).
richard and i were VERY tired, and richard was starting to get sick. just run down, however, all of the performances were EXCELLENT and tetsuro and i, while nervous about doing our very first duo performance, were quite pleased with the results. we managed to record the show, but a glitch in the recording only allowed us to capture about 20 minutes of it (i think).
when we perform live together tetsuro plays small acoustic instruments… melodica, bells, guitar, glocks, shutri box… while we feed outputs to the room as well as to my computer for processing. the sound was gentle and peaceful.
it was another late night but we still managed to go out to dinner, learn about "nominication" and hang out and be silly and eat some great food. it was great, as always, to see mari-chan, and thank you to her for helping selling the cds at the show.
next time, mari + itoi, i will be in kyoto for longer…
to sleep again at 3am and up early for another 3 hour train ride back to tokyo…


November 10 2006
beautiful new album by Hammock.. "raising your voice… trying to stop an echo"…


November 04 2006
i know.. i know… japan recap. i'm finally settled back in and really needed to get the new releases online first… so, here they are.
now available:
and they're available in the online shop.


October 30 2006
3am.. Sapporo, Hokkaido.. japan…. i should be asleep….
tomorrow i will go back to new york after a very, very busy week in japan… once i get home and rest (?) i will write recap of the week's events. my dream of daily posts, sadly, was not possible.
but now, with a little Sugar Plant and/or Brian Eno on the iPod.. i will go to sleep..
goodnight, Hokkaido! ashita -


October 27 2006
day 3: hiroshima
first blog entry on japan tour here. day 1 and 2 were spent travelling. after a brief stay in tokyo and a great dinner with sweet friends, we headed immediately to hiroshima. was looking forward to seeing this city, and especially the atomic bomb site and museum.
last night was the gig we were very tired and it was a long night, but the performances went well, and a personal highlight for me was the set right before richard's by Stabilo (who was also the organizer responsible for bringing us here). his set was melodic and gentle, but rhythmic at the same time. very nicely crafted. upon return to our hotel this afternoon we found a nice gift from Stabilo which, in addition to cool japanese toys, had a CD of his. looking forward to hearing it.
richard and i spent the first part of today shopping. hiroshima has a great shopping district, and made greater by the inclusion of my favorite store in the world, Muji. spent quite a bit of money, even had to buy a new bag to carry things home in. some amazing design from muji and from another company called Craft Design Technology.
after shopping and some Udon we went to the Atomic Bomb Dome. incredibly powerful. a standing testament to mankind's lack of wisdom. seeing the atomic bomb dome ( a single structure which remained standing after the bomb hit) made me really wish that new york city would have kept a part of the world trade center standing as a memorial, instead of builing some glorified nationalistic, patriotic nonsense which will probably go up. there is no better way to show us what our own mistakes are than facing up to them with a real-life reminder.
beautiful night and weather in hiroshima. sat in the park.. then walked around more watched people and lights.
need to rest.. need more Udon, and maybe a beer.
more later.


October 21 2006
next week richard chartier and i head over the pacific to see my wonderful friends in japan for a week-long tour. it'll be a bit hectic.. as in 6 days we will be visiting and playing in: tokyo, kyoto, hiroshim, and sapporo.
richard and i will be playing all 4 concerts with some local special guests. 2 of the shows we'll be playing with Fourcolor, and in 2 of the shows i will not be playing solo, but doing a live collaboration with my good friend tetsuro yasunaga (minamo). tetsuro and i have been working on a collaboration project for the last few months (maybe for release on 12k… or another label). these live shows give us another opportunity to record some material. it should be great.
also, in sapporo, we will be joined by Sanae Yamasaki, who goes under the artist name Moskitoo. she is actually producing a cd for 12k for early 2007 release in conjunction with a major 12k-related announcement….
the great people at cubic music have organized this tour for us, and the complete schedule with details can be found on their website:
cubic music 12k tour
needless to say, many great things will come out of this tour.. more friends, great photographs and new musical projects. i hope to be able to post some blog entries while on the tour…
also, on the tour i will be selling my new cd called "1am" .. as i posted before.. it is a short (21:21) and, (for me at least) dense and aggressive piece… a few people have expressed concern that there won't be any left when i get back.. but, i'm not bringing all of them, so they will appear in the online shop upon my return.