April 10 2007


April 05 2007
ok.. so it's done…. many people were wondering why 12k didn't have a MySpace presence, and i'll surely get into that below!, however, thanks to the efforts of our resident MySpace expert, richard chartier, who has kindly taken the time to put a 12k + LINE page up, we're here. and, thank you to everyone who has already become our "Friend"…..
the page will serve as another public billboard, a beacon in the sea of information saturation… another way for adventurous listeners to find out who 12k and LINE is. we are, after all, "just another MySpace label" now! whee!
everyone's doing it. the bandwagon has been joined. MySpace has become a necessary evil.
the MySpace page is, obviously, not designed to replace our web site or even this blog (which has become quite successful lately, thank you!). my fear of this sort of thing is that people will visit the MySpace page and not our website, which presents our labels the way we want them presented, and that's very important to us.
MySpace is like high school. it encourages cliques, it's ugly, full of marketing, it's chaotic, and worst of all, trendy. none of these things i associate with 12k, which is why i've been resisting as long as i can. i've received as many "i can't believe you're on MySpace" now emails as we have friend requests (ok, it's an exageration, but the point is made)…
(ok, rant over) phew. :) (that was fun, a much needed load off my chest… let's hope that it brings the kids our way. after all, it's a very quick way to hear sound samples from the latest releases and get an overview of what's happening on both labels at once. please be sure to visit our friends' pages, as there are a lot of great musicians in that group. And please don't take this post (too) seriously… i do mean what i say, i'm just not a MySpace type of person, but despite what how i feel, MySpace has proven itself to be a great source for discovery and exposure.
so… here we are. don't hate me for it.
oh, i almost forgot:


April 05 2007
Thursday, 12 April, 2007
Syncretism, Judith Wright Centre,
Taylor Deupree (12k, US)
Boca Raton (NL)
Qua (Headz, AU)
Lloyd Barrett + Joe Musgrove (ROOM40, AU)
Tickets: $10-$15. Doors open at 7.30pm.
Book tickets online HERE.
Friday, 13 April, 2007
WAAPA theatre space
Taylor Deupree (12k, US)
M.Rösner (Apestaartje/ROOM40, WA)
Stina (Meupe, WA)
Doors 8pm.
Tickets available from 78 Records (Perth) and Planet (Mt Lawley) – $15/$10 + booking fee.
For more details see
Saturday, 14 April, 2007
Northcote Social Club
Taylor Deupree (12k, US)
Seaworthy (12k, AU)
Solo Andata
Doors 8.30pm.
Tickets: $15+bf on sale Mon 12 March ($20 at the door if still available).
co-presented by ROOM40 and RRR's SYMBIOSIS programme.


March 31 2007
got a return request from a distributor the other day.. among the items being returned are 30 more copies of "Northern" which i'm more than happy to take back… so, expect to see that back in the shop soon.
inspired by my "overwhelmed:simplify" post.. i've sold 2 synthesizers in my studio for one…. i've said goodbye to my long-time favorite Nord Modular keyboard… and also my nord modular G2 engine.. and picked up a G2 keyboard… *so* much nicer to have the keyboard G2 over the Engine version.
in other news.. i'm expecting the new 12k cd by PJUSK soon. i'm also headed to australia next sunday for a few shows, so i probably won't start shipping Pjusk until i return.


March 22 2007
sold the last copy of my "northern" cd today. the entire pressing was unfortunately cut short due to an early printing error. if demand remains i will press up another batch and convert the artwork to the new digipack design. for now, however, the title is sold out and not available.


March 18 2007
someone recently suggested an interesting idea to me for the blog here, and that was to have an open interview using the COMMENTS feature. this allows any reader to ask questions, as well as follow-ups.
so, feel free to add a question in the comments sectino of this post and i'll get back with an answer. it can be music related, life related, food related, anything related. if there's ever anything you wanted to know that you haven't read elsewhere, now's the chance…


March 17 2007
sitting in bed this morning doing some stuff in Reaktor… and realizing that this program, more than others, simply has too many choices. i find myself never using it for this reason. it's impossible to focus, there's too much eye candy and its a perfect example of a tool getting in the way of productivity.
i've downloaded a LOT of ensembles from the reaktor library and am going to go into my folders today and delete 95% of it, maybe then i'll focus on what i've created and the ensembles i find most inspiring… or else i fear i'll never use the program again.
i'm curious if anyone else has similar feelings with reaktor, or another program, or audio software in general… feel free to chime in.


March 15 2007
the info for the forthcoming 12k cd by Pjusk is now online on the website. in addition to the info there are 2 MP3s from the album available for download. i'm also adding a new bit to the site, which i will do over the next few days…. on the page for each release will be a link to view the album cover art at a larger size. i think it's an important addition.
you can view a preview of it on Pjusk's page.
quit excited about this release. Pjusk are relative newcomers… you may have heard them on the Blueprints compilation… but Sart, their full-length cd, really allows them to showcase their rich, broad sound.. and i feel its quite different from what some other 12k artists are doing right now.
hope you enjoy.
please visit Pjusk's website, too:


March 05 2007
back from Barcelona (report later)…
last night i put the forthcoming LINE release, our first DVD, CAMERA LUCIDA, in the online shop for pre-order. You can pre-order it now, it will be shipping in early April. It's a fascinating work of art accompanied by a pretty great lineup of musicians.
here is the info:
LINE is proud to announce the release of its first DVD, Camera Lucida. The project by Russian/American installation and video artists, Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand and developed in collaboration with scientific laboratories in Japan, Germany, Russia and Belgium, Camera Lucida (chamber of light or lucidity) is a 3-dimensional sonic observatory that directly transforms sound into light by employing a phenomenon known as sonoluminescence: ultrasound, propagating within a liquid, triggers the formation and implosion of micro-bubbles that reach temperatures as high as are found on the Sun, and emit light in the shape of sound waves. The authors of the installation, Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand, joined forces with multiple sound artists to create the sonochemical compositions presented on this DVD.
This DVD also contains a data partition with uncompressed high resolution audio files of all the works.
Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand create sensory immersion environments that merge physics, chemistry and computer science with uncanny philosophical practices. Having dismissed all forms of fixative and recording media, Domnitch and Gelfand's installations exist as ever-transforming phenomena offered for observation. Because these rarely seen manifestations take place directly in front of the observer without being distorted and flattened onto a screen, they often serve to vastly extend the observer's sensory envelope.
Their works have been exhibited worldwide, including shows at V2 Institute for Unstable Media (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Nijo Castle (Kyoto, Japan), Museum of Dreams (St. Petersburg, Russia), I-20 Gallery (New York, USA), Die Schachtel (Milan, Italy) and Tesla (Berlin, Germany).

TAYLOR DEUPREE + RICHARD CHARTIER specification.sixteen 8:54
ALVA NOTO sonolumi (for camera lucida) 4:04
ALEXANDER KALINE analyzing turbulence 3:16
ASMUS TIETCHENS camera lucida 4:08
KENNETH KIRSCHNER august 19, 2006 3:10
MATMOS photisms 6:48
COH not sweet without honey 3:04
CARTER TUTTI the noise of chance 4:35

"Camera Lucida is a highly introspective immersive spatial art work creating a fleeting ephemeral materiality by intersecting ultrasound with hyperlight… in essence the creation of a sonic aurora. Domnitch and Gelfand's piece rejects any possibility to be fixed in space and time, but rather offers up the very definition of an unstable work of art, existing entirely for and within the perceptive realm of the viewer."

Stephen Kovats, Director of Transmediale 2008
Due to the detailed and subtle visual nature of this work and phenomenon the artists have chosen to use PAL over NTSC encoding to maintain the maximum resolution possible for the movie and sound files. This DVD is region free and can be played on any computer DVD drive. No region switching is necessary For television screen viewing, it can only playback on a PAL or multi-system DVD player. Playback in a darkened space with monitor brightness turned up is encouraged.


March 01 2007
we just got the shipment of Moskitoo Remix singles in today… so we'll begin packaging them up and shipping out the free copies to those who qualified for them.
i leave for Barcelona tomorrow afternoon for the Festival Digressions for a Post_Piano live show with Kenneth Kirschner. should be a good time… i will try to get as many Moskitoo singles mailed as i can, but more than likely the bulk of them will go out next week.
also, next week, i will add the single to the online shop so those who wish to purchase it can.