June 08 2007

the forum has been alive for 2 days now.. and already we've got 78 members and a handful of great discussions going on. it's turned out great. thank you for everyone for participating… i really looking forward to watching it grow.
seems to have a usable spread of topics, but i'll add more/edit/adjust as time goes on.
thank you again everyone. hope you're all finding it entertaining and most of all, useful.


June 07 2007

i have finally set up a forum for 12k + LINE, art, music, and studio techniques. please visit, sign up, and participate! here is the welcome message that i posted this evening on the forum:
hello and welcome to the 12k forum. i'm setting this up as an extension of the blog and website. while the website contains the core information, sound, and images of the labels, and the blog is a way for me to keep a label diary, this discussion board is set up for you, the listeners, to discuss, debate and inspire.
while the idea of discussing 12k and LINE music is certainly at the core of this forum, one of the main reasons i wanted to set up a forum was to discuss studio and recording techniques. all to often the sorts of music many of us create gets lumped up in some sort of laptop-only, closed box sort of production world. while this may, sadly, be the case sometimes, i think there are many artists out there who appreciate and practice the finer points of studio techniques, either creative or traditional, that span not just electronic music, but all genres.
the STUDIO AND RECORDING topic gives us a chance to discuss, learn, teach and generally improve our recording habits. from proper studio setup to mic techniques, outboard gear and of course computers and plug ins. please take the time to participate in this section… i certainly will. spread the word..! one day perhaps we can build a forum that is the Gearslutz (http://www.gearslutz.com/board/) of experimental electronic music.
also, i would like to open the floor for suggestions for improvements of this forum. i've spent the evening setting it up but have most likely missed some obvious topics or features. perhaps 12k and LINE should get different sections? or maybe there is something else needed. please feel free to leave suggestions in the 12k + LINE topic, PM me, or email.
lastly.. .spread the word… please enjoy the forum and contribute. these types of things can be slow to start but hopefullly we'll see it become an active source of information.
thank you, as always, for your support and participation.
taylor deupree


June 06 2007
just a quick one here… as i finished listening to the next 12k cd in the works.. an absolute stunner from Giuseppe Ielasi. i'm very honored to be able to release something by him as i've been a big fan of everything he's released so far. his new cd is complete and in my hands now. the artwork and such will be completed in the next couple of weeks and then off to manufacturing.
after a short summer break, this one will be available (as 12k1044) in early september.
following Giuseppe's release will be a very delicate and beautiful release from Autistici, who you have heard on the BLUEPRINTS compilation. this cd really spans a variety of sound sources and techniques.. very nice.
besides those 2 are two more coming on 12k limited series.. trying to just sort out release times becuase they both feature me.. i think i've mentioned them both before.. one is called "live in melbourne" and has live recordings from Solo Andata, Seaworthy, and myself.. and the 2nd cd is a very interesting (some will find quite surprising!) 4-track cd by myself with Savvas Ysatis… many of you know my work with savvas over the years and this is our first collaboration in 10 years (!).
enjoy your evening…


June 03 2007
i've finally finished a website for my photography. it will be constantly (if a bit slowly) updated as time goes on and i keep shooting. most of these prints are for sale as well, if you're interested, email me.
you can find it here:


June 01 2007
the Jodi Cave cd is here! and will start shipping out on monday. I'm going to run a little sale as a summer treat.. and here it is:
1. Buy the Jodi Cave cd plus one additional cd and get another 12k or LINE cd for free!
2. the following CDs are eligible as free cds:
12k1023 – Doron Sadja
12k1024 – Kenneth Kirschner
12k1026 – Two Point Two
12k1027 – Motion
12k1030 – Shuttle358
12k1032 – Deupree/Kirschner
12k2033 – Bretschneider/Steinbruchel
12k1034 – Antti Rannisto
12k1036 – Sebastien Roux
12k1038 – Fourcolor
12k1039 – Blueprints
12k1040 – Seaworthy
12k1041 – Moskitoo
12k2005- Shuttle358
LINE003 – Miki Yui
LINE009 – Bernhard Gunter
LINE010 – Roel Meelkop
LINE011 – Clean
LINE014 – Skoltz Kolgen
LINE015- Miki Yui
LINE018 – Richard Chartier
LINE021 – Vend
LINE023 – Chessmachine
LINE026 – Alva Noto
LINE027 – Chartier/Deupree
LINE028 – Steinbruchel
LINE029 – Tomas Phillips
HAP001- Piana
HAP002- Gutevolk
2.5. repeat: the above cds are the only titles available for free
4. to get your free CD, please let us know which one you want in the COMMENTS field of your PayPal check out page! no comment = no free cd!
enjoy the summer, listen to great music!


May 30 2007
cameron from Seaworthy sent this along. an interview with him from last year (?) before the release of Map In Hand on 12k.
PDF can be downloaded here


May 23 2007
i had the joy of both meeting and playing with Solo Andata (well, one of the duo, at least) last month in Australia. Kane gave me a copy of their debut on Hefty called "Fyris Swan" and i've been listening to it non stop this week.. really beautiful work. i highly recommend you pick it up.
i'm happy to say as well that i'll be releasing a limited edition cd "live in melbourne" featuring excerpts of the live sets from that evening from myself, solo andata, and seaworthy. this will be out on 12k in a month or two… a midi-summer treat.
this will hopefully NOT be the only time we hear Solo Andata on 12k…..
check them out..!


May 18 2007
a series of t-shirts where i ask a graphic designer to remix the 12k logo.
the first shirt if by Fallt designers Fehler and is printed on 100% American Apparel t-shirt (color: asphalt).
available some time in June. most shirts will be size M and L, with lesser quantities of S and XL. if you have any special requests, or want one of the limited girl spaghetti-strap Ts, please email me or leave a comment here.


May 18 2007
available in June is Jodi Cave's 12k full-length called "For Myria".
On his cd debut, UK sound artist Jodi Cave creates seven short compositions united by themes of singularity and natural randomness. One of the most immediate features of For Myria is its restrained sound palette. Like an instrumentalist who has laid a small collection of choice instruments out in front of him, Cave creates beautifully intimate collages, each touching on maybe only 2 or 3 sounds, woven together by computer processing which has been pushed into the background, utilized more as a compositional aid than a sound source. With instruments such as harmonium, clarinet, and guitar, through field recordings, stones, and scraps of metal, Cave paints a most introspective music in blurred swatches of minimal color… The tones are musical, delicate, punctured by the scraping of close-mic'd found objects rattling across the stereo field.
Cave's choice of instrumentation helps him create pieces that exist as singular objects, each ebbing and shuffling with accidental dynamics. There is a very tactile and earthy feel to his work as he lets the sounds take a natural course, influencing and sculpting them with his own studio techniques.
Who (or what) is "Myria"? It is not known, but , Cave says… "It sounds yellow…"
Featured on 12k's Blueprints compilation (12k1039, 2006), Jodi Cave was brought up outside of Sheffield playing the clarinet. His influences come from the art world via work from the likes of Yves Klein, Ad Reinhardt, and Agnes Martin. He strives to blend technology and and art in the most natural of ways.


May 14 2007
just a quick update… it looks like mailing compact discs must now be classified as "packages" as opposed to "large envelopes" due to the fact that they are not "flexible"… the downside of this is that "packages" even if they are the same weight as "large envelopes" cost twice as much to ship. so, without being any heavier or any bigger, the cost of shipping within the US to our customers is doubling. and i, sadly, will probably have to increase the cost of our cds as a result.
the old rates in our shop are going to stay in effect until later this week at the earliest when i can visit the post office and go over this all with them.
a major pain in the ass.. and, if you've been following any news headlines (cnn, etc) you'll see the a lot of companies are quite upset about this new system as it's really adding costs which they have to pass onto their customers.