May 23 2007
i had the joy of both meeting and playing with Solo Andata (well, one of the duo, at least) last month in Australia. Kane gave me a copy of their debut on Hefty called "Fyris Swan" and i've been listening to it non stop this week.. really beautiful work. i highly recommend you pick it up.
i'm happy to say as well that i'll be releasing a limited edition cd "live in melbourne" featuring excerpts of the live sets from that evening from myself, solo andata, and seaworthy. this will be out on 12k in a month or two… a midi-summer treat.
this will hopefully NOT be the only time we hear Solo Andata on 12k…..
check them out..!


May 18 2007
a series of t-shirts where i ask a graphic designer to remix the 12k logo.
the first shirt if by Fallt designers Fehler and is printed on 100% American Apparel t-shirt (color: asphalt).
available some time in June. most shirts will be size M and L, with lesser quantities of S and XL. if you have any special requests, or want one of the limited girl spaghetti-strap Ts, please email me or leave a comment here.


May 18 2007
available in June is Jodi Cave's 12k full-length called "For Myria".
On his cd debut, UK sound artist Jodi Cave creates seven short compositions united by themes of singularity and natural randomness. One of the most immediate features of For Myria is its restrained sound palette. Like an instrumentalist who has laid a small collection of choice instruments out in front of him, Cave creates beautifully intimate collages, each touching on maybe only 2 or 3 sounds, woven together by computer processing which has been pushed into the background, utilized more as a compositional aid than a sound source. With instruments such as harmonium, clarinet, and guitar, through field recordings, stones, and scraps of metal, Cave paints a most introspective music in blurred swatches of minimal color… The tones are musical, delicate, punctured by the scraping of close-mic'd found objects rattling across the stereo field.
Cave's choice of instrumentation helps him create pieces that exist as singular objects, each ebbing and shuffling with accidental dynamics. There is a very tactile and earthy feel to his work as he lets the sounds take a natural course, influencing and sculpting them with his own studio techniques.
Who (or what) is "Myria"? It is not known, but , Cave says… "It sounds yellow…"
Featured on 12k's Blueprints compilation (12k1039, 2006), Jodi Cave was brought up outside of Sheffield playing the clarinet. His influences come from the art world via work from the likes of Yves Klein, Ad Reinhardt, and Agnes Martin. He strives to blend technology and and art in the most natural of ways.


May 14 2007
just a quick update… it looks like mailing compact discs must now be classified as "packages" as opposed to "large envelopes" due to the fact that they are not "flexible"… the downside of this is that "packages" even if they are the same weight as "large envelopes" cost twice as much to ship. so, without being any heavier or any bigger, the cost of shipping within the US to our customers is doubling. and i, sadly, will probably have to increase the cost of our cds as a result.
the old rates in our shop are going to stay in effect until later this week at the earliest when i can visit the post office and go over this all with them.
a major pain in the ass.. and, if you've been following any news headlines (cnn, etc) you'll see the a lot of companies are quite upset about this new system as it's really adding costs which they have to pass onto their customers.


May 13 2007
it looks like the increase in postage rates are getting a bit more complicated.. as the whole system is no longer based on simply WEIGHT but size and thickness of package as well.
many businesses are not only confused, but protesting this new system as the USPS has not been very clear on the new rules.
i'm still trying to figure it out for myself.. as a result, i still may have to increase the cost of domestic orders… but i'm not sure… however, some orders in the coming days may be a bit late as i figure out the system and where the typical 12k cd shipment falls.
apologies in advance for any delays.. and if anyone has any good information, please let me know!


May 07 2007
as i mentioned the other day, the US Postal Service is increasing the rates of all mail domestic and international starting on May 14th of this year. After reviewing the impact on 12k, i have decided *NOT* to increase the cost of our cds and shipping. while the new rates absolutely affect us, and everything we mail out, i don't want you pass the cost on to our customers.
we'll soak up the extra costs for now and just see how it goes.


May 04 2007
on May 14th, the US Postal service is increasing the rate of all mail, both domestic and international, all sizes and weights. i am hoping to not have to increase cd and shipping costs as a result, but that remains to be seen.
i haven't looked into the new rating system yet.
stay tuned. and enjoy the weather!


May 03 2007
my ROOM40 cd-EP "Landing" is now available in 12k's online shop. you can find it in the OTHER LABELS section down near the bottom.
more info on LANDING can be found here via Room40.
BOOMKAT had this to say about it:
Well where the hell did this one come from? This brand new mini-album (20 minutes long) from 12k founder and general purveyor of totally awesome music Taylor Deupree has dropped another audio bomb on us, the unsuspecting masses and yet again I'm left reeling. A successor to the wonderful 'Northern' and continuing Taylor's drifting exploration into beautiful melodic and harmonic structures; this further builds on his previous work and incorporates yet more elements into his now patented synthesized drone-work. There's guitar in there, elements of what sounds like cheap Casio keyboards, atmospheric sound… really over the many years Taylor has been producing this is the first time when those rough edges have truly been smoothed away to reveal something shockingly beautiful and warming to the core. This is still droning avant-garde ambience, there's no doubt about that, but what was once confined to the world of the academic, an unblinking land of grey and back-biting pseuds is now open for all to get involved, for all to fall in love with and for all to embrace with open arms. This is also in some way indicative of the way the 12k label is going, although it's always been one of the finest labels of its kind we're now seeing their outlook reach much further than it used to taking elements of pop, post rock and indie music into the fold, something I have to say I couldn't have predicted back in the days when I was chasing Sogar cds. A definitive statement in the genre this isn't only the best thing I've heard from Taylor since 'Stil' (my favourite of all his released material) but is also the best thing I've managed to grab from the lovely Room 40 label. You've probably anticipated this one – 'Landing' is an Australian tour only CD and will not be repressed, it's limited to 500 copies and we have a handful… please be quick to avoid disappointment! Stunning.


April 26 2007
i am pretty honored (but not completely surprised, since i agree with these reviews!) about the feedback that is coming in for the Pjusk cd. it is difficult in this day and age to sell brand new artists. I put my faith in these artists because of their amazing talents and am very grateful when others recognize it as well. I keep going back to Shuttle358, who in 1998 was merely a demo in my demo pile… no one had heard of Dan Abrams or his work, but once his music was released and out there, people stopped and listened, and now Shuttle358 is considered one of 12k's best moments. I hope the same will come of Pjusk and I look forward to seeing how their music develops as the years go on.
here are the first 2 reviews in for "Sart. Congratulations to Pjusk for such a nice debut.
You might not have come across the name Pjusk before, I can't say that it rang very many bells in my head either – but the Norwegian duo did pop up on 12k's very lovely Blueprint compilation not so long ago. With their careful blend of Biosphere-influenced electronics and subtle processed field recordings their tracks were a real highlight, and now they've treated us to this full-length vision. Building on their early promise, it becomes evident within minutes that there's something afoot in the worryingly oil-rich land of Norway. From their early days of raping, pillaging and spreading red hair around England they've moved into surprisingly avant garde territory, and in recent years have pretty much conquered the world of Badalamenti-inspired atmospheric electronics. Maybe this was all started by the man Biosphere, but with help from Deaf Center and Erik Skodvin's Miasmah label Norway has quickly become the centre of a growing scene, a scene which Pjusk are more than happy to muscle in on. Taking cues from Deaf Center's murky acoustic doom, Pjusk manage to keep the hazy atmospherics intact while never quite sinking into total darkness. Indeed there's a lightness and an optimism rarely found on these kind of records, something which almost gives me the same warm glow as listening to 12k's finest moment, 'Frame' by Shuttle 358. With throbbing waves of emotion-drenched electronics it's easy to forget you're listening to an electronic album at all and the whole idea that this could be computer music goes out of the window altogether. 'Sart' reminds me of a time when I originally fell in love with electronic music actually, and although electronic albums have been thin on the ground in the last few years, hearing this album gives me back the confidence that it can still be done right every once in a while. Blending electronic and acoustic sounds masterfully, and showing an admirable restraint you are slowly and surely drawn into Pjusk's breezy seaside land, the narrative is assured and deep, with motifs making themselves clear in a dense fog of vinyl crackle and tape hiss that you would be forgiven for thinking emanated from an artfully intense Scandinavian film playing in the room next door (maybe Insomnia?), all that's missing is dialogue. 'Sart' is an album which truly stands out for me, and will no doubt incite the sound of jaws dropping for the rest of the year – any fans of good quality atmospheric music would be absolutely bonkers to miss out on it. Sublime.
I must admit that I really wasn't prepared for just how stupendous this album is. Yes, it's on 12k and that's a hallmark of quality in itself… you expect a certain level of design and music every time you buy a release on the label. 'Sart', though, just blew me away from the first few tracks right to the end. What I didn't expect was the sheer variety of styles on offer or the way it seamlessly flows together to make an album of incredible beauty and substance. Dark, cinematic, organic, electronic… all of these sounds make their presence felt, but it's the way it's blended together that really makes it a killer. For those that enjoy the more abstract, experimental side of 12k there are strange, subliminal background tones. For those that enjoy the more minimal, melodic side of the label, there are moments of sheer sculptural bliss. And there are even some delightful rhythmic moments – one in particular brings to mind nothing less than the might Gas with it's pulsating 4/4 beat and layered textures. All at once it's over and you find yourself longing to enjoy it all over again. My advice is *do* listen to it again… and again… and again. You won't be disappointed. Album of the week, possibly month and an easy top 10 album of the year. Stunning.


April 21 2007
Sunday, May 27th, 8 PM, MELKWEG
Lijnbaansgracht 234a, 1017 PH Amsterdam, The
Tez (live performance)
Bas van Koolwijk (live performance)
Evelina & Dmitry (live performance + presentation)
Christian Toonk (live performance)
EU 5
To celebrate the release of their new DVD, 'Camera
Lucida', on the award-winning label, Line, Evelina
Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand will present a variety of
audiovisual hors d'oeuvres followed by cyber-sumptuous
performances by Bas van Koolwijk, Tez, and Christian
Developed in collaboration with scientific
laboratories in Japan, Germany, Russia and Belgium,
Camera Lucida (chamber of light or lucidity) is a
sonic observatory that directly transforms sound waves
into light emissions by employing a phenomenon known
as sonoluminescence: ultrasound, propagating within a
liquid, triggers the formation and implosion of
micro-bubbles that reach temperatures as high as are
found on the Sun and emit light in the shape of sound
waves. To create the sonochemical compositions
comprising the DVD, the authors of the installation
joined forces with multiple sound artists, including
Alva Noto, Carter Tutti, Richard Chartier, Taylor
Deupree, Asmus Tietchens, and COH among others.