July 02 2007
another positive review here from an italian source that regularly reviews 12k stuff. he made some interesting, and relevant comments…
TAYLOR DEUPREE – Landing (Room40 )

"Landing" is a short disc – less than 20 minutes – that brings Deupree's
music back to a more tactile aspect, a vision rich of full colours rather
than light shades. Three tracks that gently move through the realms of
non-complex electronica, attempting to transmit a clear message through
slightly perturbed consonance and gradual deployment of acceptable codes.
It's like looking at a person that you know very well, waving from afar,
smiling at you, giving the confidence in proceeding with your approach, just
like a dad waiting for a toddler trying the first stuttering steps. The
music flows at a high rate of fluidity, washes of warm details finding their
place in a perfect picture where everything stands where it's supposed to
be. It's not heartbreaking like in some of Deupree's past outings, but
nevertheless remains an enrichment for everyone's mind, constituting both a
tranquilizing experience and a perfect textural ambience for moments in
which the encumbrances of life seem to be far away, and we want them to stay


June 28 2007
Boomkat listed "Listening Garden" as its album of the week and posted a very nice review!:
Well I wasn't expecting this – a collaborative project from 12k boss Taylor Deupree and expert guitar-manipulator Christopher Willits coming as if out of nowhere. Not nowhere exactly though, to be more precise it's coming from Japan, and this project was funded by the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media in 2004. Deupree and Willits were asked to provide a soundtrack for tea spaces in the Yamaguchi Center itself, designed to heighten vistor's senses as they sat in the beautiful rooms drinking tea or chatting quietly (see why it would never work in the UK?) and the musicians proceeded to craft short randomly-sequenced pieces to mirror the mood of the place. Taking the sounds of nature as a template Deupree and Willits manipulated the recordings accordingly making sure they never sounded overtly digital or removed from life (as so much digital, minimal music can be) and this album itself is actually environmental recordings rather than the tracks themselves. Occasionally you hear the clink of a teacup or a hushed whisper, and the slow breeze is constantly caressing the microphones as they record, but this doesn't distract from the enjoyment of the music itself which ebbs gorgeously in the background. You might hear a rhythm for a second, the subtle pulse of Deupree's electronics and then the hum of Willits' processed guitar but everything is fleeting and dissolved into the rich atmosphere. This is both field recording and minimal music, and those slightly frightened by the record's placement on ultra-minimal offshoot label Line shouldn't be, 'Listening Garden' is like reclining into a gorgeous pillow of sound, relaxing without being audio wallpaper and absorbing without resorting to clichéd digital trickery. Easily one of the finest bedtime albums I've heard this year, and something I'll be playing a lot more in the months to come. As usual the Line cds are limited to a one time pressing of 1000 copies so make sure you buy quickly if you want to secure yourself a copy, there's not much chance we'll be able to get restocks on this. Sublime.


June 26 2007
the shirts are now available in the online shop. pricing is as follows:
USA: $20
unfortunately, it costs $8.80 to mail one shirt overseas! this is killer… and that's before i add on the cost of the box, and the costs of my postage rental system. i apologize for the slightly higher cost on the shirts this time around… but hopefully you'll find them worth it… they are, after all, designed by the stunning talents of Fehler, who did a shockingly simple, but effective remix of the 12k logo.
shirts are on a first-come-first-serve basis and many of them are going to get shipped to japan to our distributor there. but i will make more if we run out.


June 26 2007
new new "12k vs Fehler" shirts are here! after i sort everything out and add them to the shop, you'll be able to order them. quantities are limited.. but i will likely print up more..
details and availability later tonight!


June 21 2007
Sawako will be out and around in Europe at the end of June into July for a few concerts. be sure to check her out if you're nearby. here's the schedule:
June.21.2007 Kunstraum Walcheturm (Zurich, Switzerland) www.walcheturm.ch
June.24.2007 C.B.K. Art Center (Dordrecht, The Netherland) www.cbkdordrecht.nl
June.27.2007 Salon Des Amateurs (Dusseldorf, Germany) www.salondesamateurs.de
July. 07 2007 ZDB (Lisbon, Portugal) www.zedosbois.org
July. 12 2007 M12 (Berlin, Germany) organized by http://www.myspace.com/mariusreisser
July. 20 2007 TBA (Napori, Italy)
July. 21 2007 Glade Festival (Belter, UK) www.gladefestival.com/stages/algorithm/


June 19 2007
NVO's impressive 96 page, 2 X CD hardcover book "EXTRACT" is now available in 12k's online shop.
$40 (USA)
www.12k.com/shop (OTHER LABELS section)
artists: 22 various artists
title: extract – portraits of soundartists
cat#: nvo_o11
format: book (hardcover, 96 pages) + 2 cds
release date: may 07
limited edition: 500
cd 1
01 Keith Berry | Finger Pointing At The Moon | 6'00
02 Richard Chartier | A Field For Recordings 2 | 8'43
03 Taylor Deupree | Live In Osaka | 6'00
04 Heribert Friedl | nbvto | 5'52
05 Richard Garet | Précis | 6'00
06 Andy Graydon | Microclimates For Paliku | 5'57
07 Bernhard Günter | Listen to what you see (audio
— sample of location of all Koblenz photos) | 6'00
08 John Hudak | Radio | 6'00
09 I8U | Steganography | 4'22
10 Dean King | In Absentia | 5'53
11 Dale Lloyd | Provisional | 4'06
cd 2
01 Roel Meelkop 1 | (hole in a heap) | 5'30
02 Will Montgomery | Split Chance | 5'55
03 Tomas Philips | Each More Melodious Note | 6'01
04 Steve Roden | air into form/voice into breath | 6'49
05 Jos Smolders | Aiolos (Vangsaa Interior) | 6'00
06 Steinbrüchel | Parallel | 7'02
07 Nao Sugimoto (mondii) | Nature Out | 5'33
08 Asmus Tietchens | Vierte Beisetzung in Wien | 4'37
09 Toshiya Tsunoda | Scenery of vibration/Listening
— to the reflection of points (@Westspace) | 5'36
10 Ubeboet | Lux Vivens | 3'43
11 Michael Vorfeld | Geste | 5'29
Since we started the label Nonvisualobjects two years ago, many collaborations with artists worldwide have arisen, a large, growing network has evolved and an extensive body of work has been formed that we would like to explore and try to sum up. The book developed from the idea of presenting an extract of artists involved in the current experimental electro-acoustic music scene, often following a rather reduced approach in their work. We would like to present artists that work in different areas in this field of electroacoustic music, to cover a large spectrum even in this quite specific area.
With essays, interviews, photos, drawings and other materials presented in this book, we try to look at the motivation and intention behind the sound production from different perspectives, to possibly allow for a new/extended approach to this form of music.
Many of the artists involved in this project do not exclusively work with sound, but also in other artistic disciplines. In this book we would like to present these other sides of their work to allow crossreferences/crosslinks to open up new aspects of the music.
EXTRACT contains interviews, essays, photos, drawings and 22 tracks by: Keith Berry, Richard Chartier, Taylor Deupree, Heribert Friedl, Richard Garet, Andy Graydon, Bernhard Günter, John Hudak, I8U, Dean King, Dale Lloyd, Roel Meelkop, Will Montgomery, Tomas Philips, Steve Roden, Jos Smolders, Steinbrüchel, Nao Sugimoto (aka mondii), Asmus Tietchens, Toshiya Tsunoda, Ubeboet and Michael Vorfeld


June 16 2007
i wanted to give a report on the 12k forum that i started last week. after only 7 days of being active we have 117 members and 72 different topics going. THANK YOU everyone for joining and making it a fantastic source for studio information, new releases, art and ideas. it has turned out to be better than i imagined and only after a week.
i really wanted it to be a source for studio and music techniques and that has certainly been the most active section. it's nice to have a place to discuss important recording topics while focusing on our own niche genre.
ironically, the LEAST used section has been the 12k and LINE music/artist area :)
i love watching the forum take on a life of its own and really enjoy when someone finds an answer to a question or a tip that influences or inspires them.
thanks again, everyone.


June 09 2007
happy to report that the new 12k shirts are finally in production. however, they are a LOT more expensive than i thought they would be. over twice as much. this has to do with the fact that i'm using American Apparel shirts this time around and also it is a 2-color/2-sided shirt.
in the past 12k shirts have sold for $15 usa and because it costs over $7 just to ship one shirt to europe, overseas prices were $20 or more. this time around i suspect prices will be a couple of $$ higher.
the shirts should be ready in a couple of weeks.


June 08 2007

the forum has been alive for 2 days now.. and already we've got 78 members and a handful of great discussions going on. it's turned out great. thank you for everyone for participating… i really looking forward to watching it grow.
seems to have a usable spread of topics, but i'll add more/edit/adjust as time goes on.
thank you again everyone. hope you're all finding it entertaining and most of all, useful.


June 07 2007

i have finally set up a forum for 12k + LINE, art, music, and studio techniques. please visit, sign up, and participate! here is the welcome message that i posted this evening on the forum:
hello and welcome to the 12k forum. i'm setting this up as an extension of the blog and website. while the website contains the core information, sound, and images of the labels, and the blog is a way for me to keep a label diary, this discussion board is set up for you, the listeners, to discuss, debate and inspire.
while the idea of discussing 12k and LINE music is certainly at the core of this forum, one of the main reasons i wanted to set up a forum was to discuss studio and recording techniques. all to often the sorts of music many of us create gets lumped up in some sort of laptop-only, closed box sort of production world. while this may, sadly, be the case sometimes, i think there are many artists out there who appreciate and practice the finer points of studio techniques, either creative or traditional, that span not just electronic music, but all genres.
the STUDIO AND RECORDING topic gives us a chance to discuss, learn, teach and generally improve our recording habits. from proper studio setup to mic techniques, outboard gear and of course computers and plug ins. please take the time to participate in this section… i certainly will. spread the word..! one day perhaps we can build a forum that is the Gearslutz (http://www.gearslutz.com/board/) of experimental electronic music.
also, i would like to open the floor for suggestions for improvements of this forum. i've spent the evening setting it up but have most likely missed some obvious topics or features. perhaps 12k and LINE should get different sections? or maybe there is something else needed. please feel free to leave suggestions in the 12k + LINE topic, PM me, or email.
lastly.. .spread the word… please enjoy the forum and contribute. these types of things can be slow to start but hopefullly we'll see it become an active source of information.
thank you, as always, for your support and participation.
taylor deupree