April 17 2008

the 7am sleeping pill netted me about 2 more hours of sleep before i dragged myself off to Shibuya to go meet the record buyers at Tower Records. a nice surprise was that Carsten Nicolai was at P-Dis, our japanese distributor, when i got there.. it was good to see him. he's in town setting up an exhibition at the ICC. carsten, masami, and i went to Tower where we had to pose for photographs at the respective 12k and Raster/Noton displays. it was there i also met up with Hirono, who is the artist Gutevolk, on Happy.
after Tower and some lunch Hirono took me to a very cool cafe in Shibuya where we sat for many hours talking to some artists, eating food and drinking beer…. it was raining and we didn't want to move. despite how crazy shibuya is… how trendy.. the energy is very
after that was the tokyo subway experience (when no more people can fit into the subway car, put 20 more in).. and back to Keiichi's house to dry off and make some music.
it was a day with friends, which is the best way to spend them.. thank you hirono, masami, + carsten!