April 16 2008

after a fairly livable 14-hour flight from JFK, i'm in tokyo. Keiichi (fourcolor) and Sanae (moskitoo) were kind enough to pick me up at the airport… from there we went to P-Dis, 12k's distributor in Tokyo to say hello to Masami… and then made our way to Keiichi's apartment. after a short refresher we headed out to some sushi… the starter dish was crab meat salad and topped with, no one was quite sure, if it was squid or crab.. brain or guts… we all ate it anyway.. quite a thing to eat after 8 hours of no food…
and, i must add, bicycling around tokyo at night is really magical.. if you've never done it before..
very tired right now… tomorrow, hopefully seeing friends… going to tower in shibuya to say hello to the buyer.. might hang out at Keiichi's and make some music, too.