July 20 2006
well, it's been a few days… just been really busy working and sorting out 2 new upcoming 12k releases.
one is a compilation called BLUEPRINTS which will feature 6 artists that have never worked with 12k before. some of the artists have releases on other labels, and others are quite new. all artists were contacted from demo submissions.
the other cd is from a band from Australia that is featured on the Blueprints comp. quite astonishing guitar stuff… nearly indie-rock in their approach.. certainly in their influences…
i'm not going to mention any names right now, just want to finalize everything first.
these 2 cds will be out at the same time, in october, following the new Fourcolor release.
oh, and that SSL Duende… totally messed up my system… i was working until 2am that day getting things back to normal…. sadly, i'll be sending it back without ever having been able to pass a signal through it!
apparently it's not compatible with Digital Performer or Peak.. which doesn't bode well for many users.
now playing: interpol.