July 03 2006
it's a very quiet monday here the woods. savvas ysatis left yesterday after 10 days here working in the studio. (ok, we spent one day in manhattan, and the better parts of other days relaxing or doing the new york times crossword puzzle….)…
savvas and i have not worked together since the late 90's and i'm happy to report that all of our old magic was still there. we completed 3 songs + started another and are looking to finish everything up via the internet this summer. and i must say, the songs we did were not only interesting in style, but approach as well…
basically, over everything we did we hardly used any DSP effects, MIDI, or heavy computer processing… let alone many digital synths… nearly everything in the songs was played live from analog synthesizers, mic'd instruments, room tones, field recordings, etc. 2 of the 3 songs have vocals and the 4th song we just started might end up with vocals.
because savvas and i have evolved into different working methods over the years, as well as wanting to avoid 2 people huddled over LCD displays, we felt it was best to get "back to basics" as it were.. and broke out the analogs and experimented with different mic techniques.
i'm quite happy with what we accomplished and i'll try to get some photos online shortly. more details will follow after i catch up with some 12k work.. like getting the new Fourcolor cd out the door.