July 14 2006
i'm being teased… really, i am.
the music retailer i buy most of my studio equipment from lately offered to send me SSL's new Duende firewire DSP processor… just to try out, he wants my opinion. totally free, no strings attached… use it for a few weeks and send it back.
yeah right. you know how hard that's going to be?
well.. we'll see. i've got to give it an honest workout. how does it affect the sound of the music that *i* do. which is one of the most mis-understood concepts in studio gear. all of this talk of SSL-this, and analog-that… well, people who review this stuff and use it in big studios are making a very different kind of music than i make. reading reviews and user reports on Gearslutz(.com) is one thing, but one can never tell if a piece of equipment is right for what *they* do unless they try it out on *their* music.
well, here goes… god i hope it's horrible.. it'll save me $1500. ;)