July 19 2011

Time and place converged and allowed a rare musical meeting between Ryuichi Sakamoto, Stephen Vitiello, and Taylor Deupree. Together they created a piece of music for Kizunaworld, Sakamoto’s endeavour to help the struggling recovery in Japan. Please donate and and receive a piece of music from a list contributing artists.


On 3/11/2011, a massive earthquake and tsunamis hit Japan. The extensive and tragic damage that the natural disasters caused, along with other human-rooted disasters (Fukushima nuclear disaster), call for an enormous amount of funding to reconstruct the disaster-stricken area. Already, many people throughout the world have been active in raising money, but the amount raised will never be enough. Ryuichi Sakamoto and Tomoyasu Hirano have founded “”, a project to support and rebuild the afflicted area as quickly as possible.

We want to do whatever we can as individuals to help the afflicted people, without any affiliation with an agency, record label or any type of organization. At “” we hope to have like-minded artists donate their work, which we hope will in turn encourage even more contributions. The money raised will be given to the five aid organizations that we have determined are necessary to the reconstruction.

This project will start up initially with sales of “kizuna”, a collaborative artwork created for charity by Ryuichi Sakamoto; the project founder, and Valerio Berruti. We are also thinking of adding artwork by other artists endorsing this endeavor as time goes on, to keep the project fresh with newly donated works. By doing so, this will become more than a temporary, one-shot project but rather something that can continue long-term. We want to continue and extend our assistance to the stricken area through this project for as long as the need is there.

Although the help one person can provide may be limited, every little bit helps, and it will make a big difference if those who agree with this thinking can act together.

We humbly await your assistance.

Ryuichi Sakamoto (Composer/Musician)
Tomoyasu Hirano (Media Creator)

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