March 21 2013

The two new releases from Marsen Jules and Savvas Ysatis + Taylor Deupree were released on March 5th to some wonderful praise from the press.

Fluid Radio (UK) on Marsen Jules The Endless Change Of Colour:
“The lulling phantasmic-like quality of Jules sets him apart here, though, creating sub-themes of elongated tones, one’s cloying at their anchors, searching for a resolution, and getting the sea alive to this very aquatic / prismatic meshing.”

and Experimedia (US) has this to say about Savvas Ysatis + Taylor Deupree Origin:
“After 20 years of creating sounds together and weaving their disparate approaches into one, Savvas Ysatis and Taylor Deupree have at last arrived at the fleeting, quiet grandeur of “Origin.”

TAGS:   taylor deupree, marsen jules, savvas ysatis