February 03 2012

Please read this important note about US Postage rate increases.

On January 22nd, the US Postal service made a large increase in the rates of shipping on all of their services.

The hardest hitting increase for us was in the international package rates that have increased the price of mailing one CD outside of america by over $1 per package. As a result, we have no choice but to raise our international prices. We are doing so by $0.50 to try to keep our prices lower but also to help soften the blow of the postage increase.

Prices have also gone up for domestic shipping and we are also increasing the price of the CDs by $0.50.

It costs us more each year to ship CDs than it does to manufacture them. We never like to have to pass on higher costs to you, our listeners, and have only raised our shipping prices once during the past four US Postal rate increases. This time the increase was so dramatic we had no choice.

We will keep the prices lower on back-catalogue items to try to keep everything a little more in balance.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Taylor Deupree / 12k