November 09 2011

Norwegian 12k artists Pjusk teamed up with the German digital artist Till Nowak to create an artistic music video for their song “Sus.”

Pjusk - Sus from Till Nowak on Vimeo.

In 2011 the Norwegian electronica project Pjusk (signed to the US label 12k)  teamed up with the German digital artist Till Nowak to create an artistic music video. As a base for Nowaks digital visual extensions they were given the chance to use aerial footage by Fuglefjellet, a Norwegian film production company.

“It was a spontanious idea,” Nowak says “A year ago Jostein contacted me, saying that he liked my work. I did some research and wrote back that I was impressed by his work, too. That was the beginning of our collaboration”. Gjelsvik then presented the raw aerial footage to him. “I couldn’t resist the potential of a video combining this beautiful mountain footage with digital visuals and the music of Pjusk. So I agreed in creating the visuals for this collaborative artistic video.” The final result is a mix of ideas of both Nowak and Gjelsvik. 

Nowak, who is known for his thought provoking art projects and filmmaking, explains: “I think we created something with a unique mood. The video shows earth and nature, but in a dreamlike, manipulated version, playing with the sense of scale by creating a confusion between immense and small spaces. You sometimes think you are looking at someting microscopic, like a chemical process, but at the same time you are looking at something gigantic. So it plays with the thought of how small we are. When I listen to the music of Pjusk I think it sounds like the noise our planet would make if it was a living being and the visuals are reflecting these sensations.”