March 15 2007
the info for the forthcoming 12k cd by Pjusk is now online on the website. in addition to the info there are 2 MP3s from the album available for download. i'm also adding a new bit to the site, which i will do over the next few days…. on the page for each release will be a link to view the album cover art at a larger size. i think it's an important addition.
you can view a preview of it on Pjusk's page.
quit excited about this release. Pjusk are relative newcomers… you may have heard them on the Blueprints compilation… but Sart, their full-length cd, really allows them to showcase their rich, broad sound.. and i feel its quite different from what some other 12k artists are doing right now.
hope you enjoy.
please visit Pjusk's website, too: