July 12 2009
Pound Ridge, NY, 9pm

so happy to catch this sound last night. i brought my old, falling apart sound recorder with me in the car on a drive last night. this is actually one of the fondest sound-memories i have as a child. it is the sound of a baseball game being aired on AM radio in a car.
when i was very little my parents would load my sister and i into the back of the car for car trips to, what seemed like, far away places. i would be lying down in the back seat, half asleep, and with no idea of where we were going. my father would be listeneing to a baseball game on the AM radio (probably the Cincinnati Reds) and that particular sound would become a sonic blanket to me. there was something incredibly comforting about this scratchy voice mixed with the hum and bounce of a car going down the road in the heat of the summer. my memories of this always seem to conjur up thoughts of the evening hours. dusky summer, setting sun, fading heat… in mid-western America.
still to this day when i hear baseball games on AM radio i am instantly transported to the back of my parents car, curled up in back, on an unknown journey, yet feeling safe.