May 02 2006
so.. "northern" has been available for a couple weeks now.. or, a week+.. and i can hardly keep up with the orders. thank you to everyone who has been ordering, and hopefully enjoying it. we've nearly sold out of the first 1000 copies already. wow. also, a couple of really great reviews have popped up which i will be posting soon.
i have also decided to put the "northern" postcard set in the online shop. a few people have emailed us who bought the cds in stores in their area but also want the postcards.
today i received the new Fourcolor master from keiichi sugimoto. this will be the next 12k release and slated for june. we don't have a title yet, but it's a great sounding cd so far (i'm listening to it now for the first time). Naoko Sasaki (Piana) does vocals on one track… more info on this release as i get it!
and now, for something completely different… some of you old-time fans may be interested to know that i'm getting back together with dietrich schoenemann and jason szostek for a couple of Prototype909 reuinion concerts. we thought it would be great fun to break out the analog equipment and jam in a loud sound system. will be cleansing, for sure. we have 2 shows coming up: may 27th in detroit as part of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and then june 8th in Philadelphia.