July 03 2008

TOKAFI.COM has called the re-issue of "Northern" the Album of the Month and are featuring a very positive review on their home page for the next four weeks.
you can read it here.
"…There is also a degree of "realness" to this music which is striking. While there is a popular trend to disgress into mythical dimensions with albums mindtravelling as far as the poles and diverting into imaginary iceages, Deupree's Winter vision is quite tangible. It is a music which describes its most immediate surroundings, tells of the stories the forrest mumbles in its sleep, unafraid of the mysteries of the night and fully aware of human fragility. It is music which doesn't deny that there may be a fast-paced world out there somewhere, but instead chooses to stay on its mountain top, taking in the view, in awe of nature's beauty. Others may be moving in step with the trends, but Taylor Deupree knows what he is doing. This may be the closest electronic music will ever get to folk music."