June 22 2006
sorry for the delay since last post… been busy, been out of town, etc.
tomorrow my friend savvas ysatis arrives in greece for a 10-day session in my studio… we're excited to see what comes out. we have a long history of not only ambient music together, but also minimal techno… and over the last few years we've both been really interested in acoustic pop…. should be interesting.
those waiting for the new LINE releases shouldn't have to wait much longer. shipouts for Alva Noto "For" are going to start this week and i'm awaiting mine and richard's "specfication.fifteen".. which should arrive any day now. there will be a slightly longer wait for richard's "levels (inverted)" cd.. as once we get them back he has to sign them all and send them back to me here.
speaking of richard, he and i are playing at the Decibel festival in Seattle this year. we'll be performing on the 16th of September with 2 local artists, Son of Rose and Yan Novak. if you live in the area.. please stop by and listen.
if i can figure out how to post photos in this blog i'll try to get some pics of savvas and i over the next week.