June 08 2006
good morning… i was quite happy today when i checked the iTunes music store and found the new Mojave 3 album, "puzzles like you" (4ad) available already. i read it wasn't supposed to be released until june 19th in the UK… but maybe the MP3s came sooner? well, despite the fact i've been eagerly awaiting the cd of this, i broke down and bought it on iTunes… which will have to tide me over until i can get my hands on the cd.
anyway, one of my very favorite bands… so really happy to have new stuff from them.
on a 12k note: it looks like the cover art for the new Fourcolor cd (12k1038) is about finalized. and, as a matter of face, we'll be unveiling a new digipack design with this release! sort of in celebration of the impending 10 year anniversary. the new digipack design retains many of the same elements as the current design, but opens it up a bit. it's lighter and more airy. looking forward to having everyone see it.