July 09 2006
today i posted the cover and a preview MP3 to the front of the 12k webpage for the new Fourcolor cd due out in august/september.
for those of you who like Fourcolor (or Minamo's) work should be very happy with this release.. it takes Keiichi's signature guitar tones to some slightly new areas with the addition of a bit more beat and rhythm and, on track 2, a special guest appearance by Piana on vocals.
also, for those with sharp eyes, you may notice a slight difference in the cd cover… with this release we're starting a new digipack design on 12k releases in anticipation/celebration of 12k's 10-year anniversary this coming January. i had the new design done and was too happy with it to hold it off until January…
the Fourcolor cd should be available in our online shop in about 4 weeks and in stores a bit after that after the summer vacation season is over…
click the image below to see the new cover full-sized.