May 14 2007
just a quick update… it looks like mailing compact discs must now be classified as "packages" as opposed to "large envelopes" due to the fact that they are not "flexible"… the downside of this is that "packages" even if they are the same weight as "large envelopes" cost twice as much to ship. so, without being any heavier or any bigger, the cost of shipping within the US to our customers is doubling. and i, sadly, will probably have to increase the cost of our cds as a result.
the old rates in our shop are going to stay in effect until later this week at the earliest when i can visit the post office and go over this all with them.
a major pain in the ass.. and, if you've been following any news headlines (cnn, etc) you'll see the a lot of companies are quite upset about this new system as it's really adding costs which they have to pass onto their customers.