February 21 2006
a few bits of news after spending a few days recovering from the flu.: we're sad to announce that the OFFF Mexico festival, scheduled to take place on the first weekend of March in Mexico City has been cancelled. a few 12k artists were scheduled to play there. myself with kenneth kirschner (post_piano live) as well as richard chartier. there was also a fantastic lineup of artists over the whole weekend. Mexico City is a wonderful place and i'm disapointed i won't be headed back there in a couple of weeks. on a more positive note, this week we're expecting the shipment of Taylor Deupree "Stil." reissue cd. once we get it, it will go up in the shop and be ready to order.
lastly, it seems like it'll never be done because i keep going back and making tiny little edits, but i'm really a few days away from finishing "Northern"… so i should be on for an April release.
if you get a chance, listen to Cyne's "octagon"… great track.