August 10 2006
today's airline bomb scare makes me happy i live outside of the city. these things are always a bit more intense when you're in the middle of new york city.
there's a calmness here in the country, the cicadas making their deafening din in the trees don't really care who blows up who. i feel sorry for richard chartier, who today has to fly to LA for an installation and gig, right smack in the middle of this chaos. it's stressful and it really makes the joy of art turn into fear. for those of you in the San Jose area, go out and support the Bleeding Edge festival and all of the artists who had to travel in the middle of this insanity. it's this weekend at the Montalvo Arts Center.
i wanted to thank Cameron Webb and Seaworthy for the incredible album that i'm having the joy of mastering this morning for their upcoming 12k release. we're adding a couple of extra tracks to "maps in hand" and their music is absolute bliss on a day like today.