July 02 2007
another positive review here from an italian source that regularly reviews 12k stuff. he made some interesting, and relevant comments…
TAYLOR DEUPREE – Landing (Room40 )

"Landing" is a short disc – less than 20 minutes – that brings Deupree's
music back to a more tactile aspect, a vision rich of full colours rather
than light shades. Three tracks that gently move through the realms of
non-complex electronica, attempting to transmit a clear message through
slightly perturbed consonance and gradual deployment of acceptable codes.
It's like looking at a person that you know very well, waving from afar,
smiling at you, giving the confidence in proceeding with your approach, just
like a dad waiting for a toddler trying the first stuttering steps. The
music flows at a high rate of fluidity, washes of warm details finding their
place in a perfect picture where everything stands where it's supposed to
be. It's not heartbreaking like in some of Deupree's past outings, but
nevertheless remains an enrichment for everyone's mind, constituting both a
tranquilizing experience and a perfect textural ambience for moments in
which the encumbrances of life seem to be far away, and we want them to stay