November 17 2008
the new double-CD from Kenneth Kirschner, "Filaments & Voids" is now available in the 12k shop.
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A subdued chord, and a subsequent quiet. A hovering drone, followed by a compelling absence of sound. True to its title, Filaments & Voids is comprised predominantly by one or the other: by carefully constructed audio of lingering delicacy or by singular silences of ambiguous depth. Over the course of two discs and nearly two and a half hours of music, composer Kenneth Kirschner focuses the listener's attention on the silence inherent in his sounds, and the sounds implicit in silence. Like the night sky evoked by the album's title, the music heard on Filaments & Voids is a broad and dark space inhabited by dispersed and luminous materials.
Filaments & Voids is a 2-CD collection of Kenneth Kirschner's music featuring liner notes by's Marc Weidenbaum and photography by Taylor Deupree.
Kenneth Kirschner was born in 1970 and lives in New York City; he releases his music freely online through his website, His work is also available on CDs such as September 19, 1998 et al. (12k, 2003) and Three Compositions (Sirr, 2006); his most recent release is May (Room 40, 2008), based on a concert with Taylor Deupree recorded live in Lisbon, Portugal.