March 29 2006
getting ready to head down to washington dc tonight for tomorrow's show at the Hirshhorn Museum with Richard Chartier for the Hiroshi Sugimoto exhibition. it's a great honor to have been comissioned by the Hirshhorn to perform as Sugimoto is a huge influence of mine (he was responsible not only for inspiring my "Stil." album but a huge inspiration towards the whole concept of stillness and frozen time in my music).
Richard and i will be recording and editing our performance for release on LINE in a couple of months. the title will be "specification.fifteen."
studio renovation update: the room is done, the furniture and shelves are all in and the room is clean. when i'm back from DC i'll start moving back in again. it took another week longer than i thought but i really hope that by the end of this coming weekend it's done. done.
i'll report after the Hirshhorn. oh, and today is Richard's birthday. wish him a happy one.