May 17 2013

Originally released in 2003, this album featuring Fonica, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Sébastien Roux and Christopher Willits is finally available as a download from the 12k shop.

In July 2003 12k released E•A•D•G•B•E a CD that brought together artists who used the guitar as their main sound source in the then burgeoning “microsound” music scene. For 12k it was a bold move. As a label previously known for pure, synthetic tones, shying away anything that sounded like an “instrument” in its early years, a new sound had firmly taken root and unknowingly planted the seeds for what 12k listeners today take for granted: the subtle organic tones of acoustic instrumentation and human sound that now so naturally defines 12k.

We are very pleased, finally, to be able to bring this long out-of-print music back and make it available again as a (legal) download. Listening to it now, 10 years on, the music still sounds fresh, adventurous and beautiful and remains a vital turning point in the sonic history of 12k.


TAGS:   christopher willits, sébastien roux, sebastien roux, fonica, keith fullerton whitman