April 18 2008
no photo yet.. as i may have left my camera cable in tokyo….
today's arrival in kyoto was in the rain and a bit of a chill, but it subsided as we went to yoshi's house. yoshi is kind enough to support artists from outside of kyoto to stay at his house in a very quiet area of kyoto. it's very nice. arigato, yoshi-san.
we went to a very very nice bookstore today… it took a long time to find it! many artists books, objects, photographs… bought some lovely things and then ate an incredible meal along my favorite street in kyoto (don't know the name of it! its the street with the small canal.. very pretty)
the restaurant was very nice.. 2 old ladies cooking and just wonderful food.. some of the best i've had in japan.. and also the tea.. we all thought the tea was quite special.
after that off to e-fish. cool cafe for more food and drink.. and a "milk me" t-shirt…
all a bit abstract. the way it should be.