May 17 2009
Previously released as a book and 3″CD package, Taylor Deupree's Sea Last is an homage to the ocean and the personal memories it unlocks for the artist. The audio portion of the project accompanies a collection of coastal photography taken across five days near Deupree's childhood home, and clearly this whole undertaking is very personal for the 12k boss. The single, continuous stream of Sea Last takes on a performance-based quality imbued with a sense of openness and sentiment that's all too rare within the echelons of microsound: in addition to the precision and superlative sound design we've come to expect from Taylor Deupree's music there's a level of transparency here that reveals the instrumental workings and melodic functions at the core of the piece. In keeping with the subject matter, an underlying ebb and flow of digital flotsam and jetsam stands in for the undulations of the sea, while granulated phrases caress against one another in a truly blissful fashion. As Sea Last unravels you get the impression that not only is this one of the most conventionally musically accomplished works in the Taylor Deupree discography, it's also one of his most exquisite productions. The sheer, effusive loveliness of the sounds on offer here are sure to delight the ears – from the resonant, fragmentary harmonic exchanges to the depth charge bass plunges Deupree quietly yet comprehensively traverses the frequency spectrum, leaving you with the kind of listening experience you'll want to immerse yourself in all over again as soon as the nineteen minutes are up.