November 20 2009
Brought to you by Arctic Circle Radio, the Circle is a new weekly podcast that takes you on a one-hour journey based on the most simple and significant of shapes. Every Circle is unique; formed from a guest curator's musical landscape and they all share the same revolutionary quality: each one ends at the point where it began.
Edition 21 – Mix by Antony Harrison / 12k: I love Taylor Deupree's 12k label – it's releases are like sumptuous tonal buffets for the ear. 12 years of Inspirational releases, gorgeous packaging and delicious design. I'd like to think that this little mix gives an accurate taster of the label and will inspire folk to dig deeper in.

1. Taylor Deupree – November (Northern)
2. Moskitoo – Terrier (drape)
3. Amplifier Machine – up with the curtain, down with yr pants (Her mouth is an outlaw)
4. Solo Andata – Chorale (Look For Me Here) (Remix by Ryuichi Sakamoto)
5. Sawako – A last next (Bitter Sweet)
6. Tomasz Bednarczyk – the sketch (Lets make better mistakes tomorrow)
7. Giuseppe Ielasi – 08 (Aix)
8. Pillow Diver – Twenty Nine (sleeping pills)
9. Shuttle358 – spiff (Frame)
10. savvas ysatis + taylor deupree – reservoir (the sleeping morning)
11. Molly Berg + Stephen Vitiello – Variation 5 (The Gorilla Variations)
12. Fourcolor – Cloud Whereabouts (air curtain)
13. Lawrence English – watching it unfold (a color for autumn)
14. Taylor Deupree – November (Northern)