June 10 2006
the new Alva Noto cd "For" that we're releasing on LINE is almost ready to ship… it's a great release, we're looking forward to getting it out there. it's quite different from the super-rhythmic stuff people know carsten nicolai for….
was emailed a nice review today for the Ryuichi Sakamoto remix cd "bricolages" that i was a part of. writer Tom Sekowski goes on to say:
A remix album is not just a remix album if it has a stellar cast that offers radical reworks of original material. "Bricolages" is one such instance where the original pieces are overshadowed by their substantially renewed offspring. What I find most stimulating on the release is a simple fact that all artists work the pieces from scratch and re-envision their creation from the ground up. Originally found on Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Chasm", the pieces go from strength to strength and really show off the eclectic taste their creator has had over the years. Fennesz does a terrific buzz, static-filled take on "20 Msec.", while Steve Jansen's bare-boned interpretation of "Break With" is a real joy to listen to. The real surprise arrives with Taylor Deupree's redoing on "World Citizen". Perhaps it's because I was expecting a radical reworking or because of the man's previous work, I was expecting this mix to sound alien, distant and unrecognizable. Far from it. These are six minutes of some of the most intimate, warm sounds you can get your ears wrapped around on. As David Sylvian wistfully sings his way through the track, you wonder how is it possible the remix album has a better version than the original mix on "Chasm". Go figure! What's more important is the release retains a relaxed, nearly ambient atmosphere about it. Check out the field-recording-like approach that Rob Da Bank & Mr. Dan take on their re-doing of "Word". Mesmerising, haunting and full of a million ideas that gel, Bricolages" is that one shining pearl amongst the pile of swine.