June 07 2007

i have finally set up a forum for 12k + LINE, art, music, and studio techniques. please visit, sign up, and participate! here is the welcome message that i posted this evening on the forum:
hello and welcome to the 12k forum. i'm setting this up as an extension of the blog and website. while the website contains the core information, sound, and images of the labels, and the blog is a way for me to keep a label diary, this discussion board is set up for you, the listeners, to discuss, debate and inspire.
while the idea of discussing 12k and LINE music is certainly at the core of this forum, one of the main reasons i wanted to set up a forum was to discuss studio and recording techniques. all to often the sorts of music many of us create gets lumped up in some sort of laptop-only, closed box sort of production world. while this may, sadly, be the case sometimes, i think there are many artists out there who appreciate and practice the finer points of studio techniques, either creative or traditional, that span not just electronic music, but all genres.
the STUDIO AND RECORDING topic gives us a chance to discuss, learn, teach and generally improve our recording habits. from proper studio setup to mic techniques, outboard gear and of course computers and plug ins. please take the time to participate in this section… i certainly will. spread the word..! one day perhaps we can build a forum that is the Gearslutz (http://www.gearslutz.com/board/) of experimental electronic music.
also, i would like to open the floor for suggestions for improvements of this forum. i've spent the evening setting it up but have most likely missed some obvious topics or features. perhaps 12k and LINE should get different sections? or maybe there is something else needed. please feel free to leave suggestions in the 12k + LINE topic, PM me, or email.
lastly.. .spread the word… please enjoy the forum and contribute. these types of things can be slow to start but hopefullly we'll see it become an active source of information.
thank you, as always, for your support and participation.
taylor deupree