October 05 2006
as i mentioned a couple of posts ago…. i've been working on expanding the last couple of minutes of my show at decibel into a cd. and i'm done….
the result is a 21 minute cd called "1am". it is based around a field recording of insects outside of my house.. a very loud din, a constant hum and drone of late night bugs. my intentions with the piece was to try something new (for me)… and create a dense wall of sound, intended for very high volume. "1am" is my interpretation of the sound of these insects as if they were amplified 10 times.
the volume and density of the piece is a partial reaction to my disapointment from my Decibel performance so there is a bit more raw energy here than what usually comes across in my releases.
the pieces uses all of the material from my set at Decibel and also is going to be reworked into a shorter piece for a cd for the Audiobulb label called "favorite places." actually, the piece won't be reworked, but i'll be creating a new, shorter piece, inspired by, and using the same field recording.
so… "1am" is a bit different for me, it's a short experiment. successful? maybe.. maybe not! it is being manufactured right now and wil be released as 12k2004 on the 12k limited series. i will be debuting the cd on my tour of japan this month with richard chartier. copies will be sold at the shows. upon my return remaining copies will be made available through 12k. 500 are being made.