December 05 2013
12k: Lull / Pulse Art Miami Dec 5-8

Today starts the Pulse Art Fair in Miami. 12k has put together an outdoor installation for escaping the fray. Featuring music from Marcus Fischer, Moskitoo, Stephen Vitiello + Molly Berg and Ryuichi Sakamoto + Taylor Deupree.


Taylor Deupree
LULL, 2013
Sound installation curated by Taylor Deupree

featuring music from:
Marcus Fischer (US)
Moskitoo (Japan)
Stephen Vitiello and Molly Berg (US)
Ryuichi Sakamoto and Taylor Deupree (Japan/US)

Lull is an outdoor listening field consisting of 4 hammocks and 4 sets of headphones featuring the sounds of New York’s 12k label. It’s set up as a sonic escape from the bustling surroundings. Contrary to some ambient music destined for the background, the work presented in Lull is most rewarding when the listener is full immersed. The sounds range from the most fragile and sparse piano to the weathered and worn warmth of found instruments and reel-to-reel tape recordings. The atmosphere is deep and engaging, curious and surprising. Lull is quiet music for an over-saturated world.  With over one hundred releases since its inception by Taylor Deupree in 1997, New York-based music label 12k has decisively defined and developed the concept of minimalism in the realms of electronic music for more nearly two decades. Fusing elements from ambient and electro-acoustic composition with carefully arranged digital textures and associative micro-noises, the label’s aesthetics revolve around a precisely-outlined, yet deeply emotional concoction of the technological and the organic.