• HAWAI (CL)

    "12k: Los múltiples pliegues del ruido silvestre"

    "Coming across the photographs of Taylor Deupree online is inspirational, although his images have been featured on dozens of CD covers from his record label 12k. It is fascinating to see how substantial his photographs are, removed from their context as design elements, and yet the images retain an essential graphic quality, possibly inescapable based on Deupree’s work as a graphic designer."

    "米ニューヨークを拠点に活動する、日本でも大人気の12Kレーベルのオーナー、アーティスト、デザイナー、フォトグラファーとして、ここ10年間のアンビエントシーンの先端を走ってきたテイラー・デュプリーの「ビートを探求した」アルバムが、9月14日に"LANTERN / NATURE BLISS"から再発されました。"

    ""I wanted to get some humanity back after working so cleanly for so many years," he said. "It's great not to be afraid of some dirt.""

    "As part of our ongoing Unsound Festival coverage, we recently tracked down Taylor Deupree, a photographer/graphic designer/sound sculptor best known for such landmark LPs as Stil. and his influential ambient/electro-acoustic imprint, 12k."

    "Whilst discussing the making of “Tasogare” in our initial interview, the subject of mastering records came up, and prompted a long discussion that bears repeating here. "
  • Tonschrift (RU)

    ""Minimalism" is a hard word for me to use sometimes because I see it from a lot of different angles."

    "Taylor Deupree has been making arrestingly beautiful electronic music for over fifteen years. With his beginnings in dance-oriented techno, Deupree now produces a brand of ambient, electro-acoustic composition with a focus on minimalism and micro-sounds. He speaks with host Elliot Stapleton about his first synthesizer, the acclaimed 12K record label he founded, and about how he's moving further and further away from electronics altogether. (27 minutes)"

    "He recently discussed with us his recent full-length release, Shoals, and generously shared his thoughts on the life expectancy of the CD, illegal file-sharing, future 12k projects, and a number of other matters."
  • BLEEP (UK)

    "The 12k label has been a vanguard of abstract and minimal-electronics that shift between the musical realms of gentle, pastoral ambience, dissonant noise collage and micro-techno. We are very happy to have this exclusive digital sampler curated by label-head Taylor Deupree. We also wanted the opportunity to speak to the man himself…"
  • Washington Post (US)

    "While I powered through shoveling by listening to Motorhead, the music that soundtracked most of Snowmageddon 2.0 came from the 12k label."
  • Clone (ES)

    "Taylor Deupree interview in Spain's Clone."
  • Urb (US)

    "With a lineup that featured some of the most innovative muscians from Eruope, the U.S. and Canada, Montreal's MUTEK promised to be one of the most significant North American festivals devoted to experimental electronic music."

    "The advent of the dvd and the need for musicians to transcribe their work into video format has given rise to a new visual culture. a culture where images, just like music, fall apart, unfurl to become simple ornaments."
  • E/I (US)

    "Specializing in “synthetic microscopic sound designs and minimalist compositional aesthetics”, Taylor Deupree’s 12k label, founded in 1997, has quietly become of the most significant electronic music concerns in the US."
  • Exh:b:t:on of Words and Sounds

    "Taylor Deupree: simplicity. honesty. purity."
  • Musique Machine

    "I walked the beach for a week with a low-quality plastic camera"
  • Monotype (PL)

    "Monotype Records newsletter article..."
  • Musique Machine (.com)

    "10 years ago I would have never dreamed of touching a guitar, now it’s the basis of my live performance. I don't feel constricted anymore and greatly enjoy exploring all sorts of sonic avenues."