• Rare Frequency

    "The Japanese musician Sawako works with familiar tools: field recordings, snippets of played music and a computer. Once combined, these common ingredients take on a more idiosyncratic, personal character, as Sawako uses everyday sounds to create quiet, diaristic, sonic vignettes out of everyday sounds."
  • Tokafi (.com)

    "The question sounds like you feel there is some crisis about the recent music scene."
  • Baltimore City Paper (US)

    "Children reenter her composition, just one child surrounded by the sounds of a forest. Her visuals have morphed into blurry, psychedelic images of small plastic toys being stirred around and around with a fork in a liquid-filled glass. "
  • Blow Up (IT)

    "5 years ago, I was making the sound for tens or hundreds of people who I know directly. Now, I am making the sound for several thousands of people who I know or don';t know directly"